Stupid is what Stupid Does

Republican ElephantLast week, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) has told the Republican Party to stop being stupid.  Jindal has good conservative views in both domestic and foreign issues.  Why would he bash his own party?  Not sure stupid is the right adjective.

I still believe in the Republican conservative ideals and vision for the future of America.  There is nothing stupid about a limited government approach to a balanced federal budget; to work against achieving that is stupid.  And I don’t think Mr. Jindal has moved 180o either.  A better compound adjective to describe the current status of the Republican Party is stuck in neutral.

The facts are the Republicans lost over sixty-percent of non-Caucasian voters and America is reaching the racial tipping point where the white or Caucasian race will no longer be a majority.  Two things went wrong.  First, the way the Grand Old Platform was presented to them turned them off.  Second, policies on immigration intimidated too many of them.  The latter is a difficult issue to address as difficult choices have to be made and…you just can’t please all the people all the time.  But to address the former and to tie in issues of racial and ethnic groups that are still minorities at this time, do you really believe immigrants, legal or illegal, came to this country to be bonded to the slavery of the welfare state?  Do you think it is any person’s dream to live on entitlements?  If all they wanted was hand to mouth living, they could have stayed where they were.  Most of them escaped the tyranny and oppression of their native land to live in a free country and pursue their dreams.  If I were an immigrant, even if I were here illegally, I would be insulted by the entitlement society.

The biggest mistake Mitt Romney and the Republican machine that got him the Republican nomination is Mr. Romney’s unwillingness to appeal to various and sundry demographics.  He told 47% of Americans he didn’t like them.  Obama did not defeat Romney, Romney defeated Romney.

The first President Bush made reference to a kinder, gentler America.  The Republican Party must keep its ideals, its conservative viewpoints, as they are essential in rebuilding America.  But the party needs a kinder, gentler way of presenting it to the masses.  It needs to reach out to the racial, ethnic, and other groups, who will be the majority before the halfway point in this century, that limited government is just as much for [you] as it is the so-called Caucasian wealth that is most attracted to the party.   [We] need to promote the original American political platform, as it were, where anyone born into any class can overcome adversity and live the American Dream.  We need to stop giving the poor fish so they eat for one day and give them fishing poles and worms so they can eat for the rest of their lives.

Once we establish that we are not stupid, we must now address ignorance, the prelude to stupidity.  As is have blogged before, to exist and prosper in a limited government society, one needs to be self-governing, as Hamilton and Madison spoke in The Federalist Papers, the documents that led to the development of our current constitution.  In order to be self-governing, one must be highly educated, or at least educated enough to be able to provide for oneself.  Our educational system needs to be revamped and reformed, undoubtedly.  But it must go beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic and help a child for the thirteen years he or she will spend in a school system or private school, the basics needed to survive without government entitlements and to build their dreams and set them on a path to do just that.

Mr. Jindal, if you and Marco Rubio are destined to be the new face of the Grand New Party in 2016, you must not abandon your conservative ideals, they are not stupid.  Since you are both non-Caucasian, you can reach out to the distraught minority groups and sell on limited government as the expressway to the American Dream.  You already have us.


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