Is a Free Country Obsolete?

American-Flag1I recently ran across an online ad claiming the PC (personal computer) has become obsolete.  The future is in tablet computing working off of the cloud.  Looks like we are headed that way, but it will be a while since, although the cloud is an excellent computer, there are still privacy issues.

About a day before I saw the ad, I was having a water-cooler discussion at work about gun control legislation and that my biggest fear about going overboard with gun control is the precedent associated with brain surgery on the original ten Bills of Rights and posing the question, “Is free speech next?”   According to my coworker, a good part of free speech is already dead.

The examples pertained to the concept of political correctness and that this new requirement to be politically correct inhibits our use of the First Amendment rights to the fullest.  And the fact that there is no reciprocity.  We have to be politically correct when we speak out against Islamic extremists.  OK, not all Muslims are bad; I never condemn a whole group of people for the actions of a few.  But those who despise us do not follow this protocol called political correctness.  I would rather have a war with words than a war with weapons.  I don’t like pornography on the Internet either; but I have no rationale to offer for banning it without inhibiting free speech; it is simply the price we pay to have free speech.  As a God-fearing person, I know Satan cannot make me peruse it.

When Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote The Federalist Papers, they used the term “self-governing” on many occasions.  They described the early American people as self-governing individuals and through self-governing, [we] grow to understand the corresponding responsibility with every freedom and relate it to our own morality and religious beliefs.  Truth be told, a self-governing society is a knowledge-based society.  One’s knowledge base comes from one’s education.  The deterioration of our educational system has resulted in two going on three generations of citizens incapable of self-governing.

Long, long, ago, during a time of depression (Great Depression of the 1930s), yet a strong morality (most of those who had it rough did not resort to a life of crime), Franklin Roosevelt started welfare.  The first welfare recipients were not the lazy and the underprivileged, but those who worked hard a decade or two earlier that lost it in either the stock market crash, the global Depression, or both, and had no other means of support.  Assuming one generation is thirty-three and a third years, we are just starting the third generation, that is the second generation of children born into the welfare state and know no other way of life.

I hear from liberals how a nation as big as America is obligated to take care of such people.  Obligated?  Our Founding Fathers would spin in their graves.  But how can America lead by example if it cannot find answers to a $16 Trillion debt.  A generation cannot give up the security, even if it means they must accept a life sentence to hand-to-mouth feeding.

While our representative democracy or republic cannot get the two sides if its representative body together, it makes no difference whether or not one or more solutions exist.  If they cannot agree on any one solution, the problem won’t get solved anyway.  God forbid, a dictator could pick one solution and say this is it and that’s it period.  This is the scariest thing of all.  Have egos and competitiveness evolved to the point that our republic can no longer stand?  Is a free country obsolete?  Has freedom become our doom?  Not yet.  But America must act fast.

American must get educated and build the knowledge-base of the self-governing person described in The Federalist Papers.  And I am not just talking about reforming our schools—even adults who have been through school need to enhance their life-long education process.  We need to put trust in God as our motto states and build the strongest moral fibers possible.  We must define every freedom with a corresponding responsibility.  Once we do this, we can live and prosper in a limited government society.  But if we don’t act fast, free countries will be obsole


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