Resetting America’s GPS

GPSHas America lost its ability to solve its problems?  My favorite way to answer that has always been “No, there are solutions out there.  It’s getting our elected officials to agree on one solution.”  I always believed vindication came by seeing the two major political parties unable to agree on anything.  But suppose they did come to an agreement.  I throw out the caution flag; just because both sides reached across the aisle, agreed, and passed bipartisan legislation, doesn’t mean it works.  We avoided that Fiscal Cliff with a piece of legislation on 1-2-2013 that raised taxes only on incomes $400,000 and bigger.  We took a broken clock, put the big hand on the twelve, the little hand on the five, and posted a sign under the face reading It’s 5:00 Somewhere.  The clock still does not work.

Down the road, we are headed for two more cliffs with no bridges in place right now.  Though the last hurrah for the Congress that exited on 1-2-2013 warded off tax increases for lower and middle class Americans, those draconian spending cuts to both entitlements and the military can still go into effect on March 1st if this new Congress, many of the same cast of characters and the balance of power virtually unchanged, will go take place.  Then the real deep cliff on March 27th; the decision on the debt ceiling.  This is what you could call a Catch-22, conundrum, or just plum unsolvable.  On the one hand, if we raise the debt ceiling, we are headed toward recession with a deficit on the way to $20 Trillion and no hopes of paying it off by the year 2050.  The Federal Reserve will print more money, the dollar will devaluate, companies will lay off employees and many will not survive themselves.  On the other hand, default, national bankruptcy, and the entire world will be in recession, if not depression, for the next hundred years.  Greece, for better or for worse, is a small portion of the world economy.  But if America goes bankrupt, the world capital of free-enterprise, still the wealthiest country although watch out for China, and although weak in producing, strong in consuming; the greatest consumers on Earth; every nation in the world will have been bequeathed with the reality that it can happen to any nation in the world.  We cannot afford to do either, but on March 27th, we must and will do one or the other.

I have said before the first cliff, none of the plans, Democrat, Republican, or bipartisan, slanting to the ninety-nine, slanting to the one, or striving towards equitability, do not recognize the real problem.  Debt.  None of the tax increases, spending cuts, or combinations at best raise $4 Trillion in capital.  Make a payment of $4 Trillion to that proverbial credit card with a balance of $16 Trillion and next month you get a bill for $12 Trillion plus some accrued interest.  Either or both sides made their sacrifices and did not get a balanced budget in return, still very much in debt.

In conclusion, America either has or is on the brink of losing its ability to solve problems.  And it doesn’t matter who the cast of characters in Washington, D.C. are; there is just no solution.  We need to put all politics, not just politics as usual aside and seek a divine solution.  Our motto is In God We Trust.  In Matthew 19:26 it does say But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.  Our Founding Fathers were very Godly people and America just may have reached this very turning point.  We must bring God back to America and make sure he is always welcome and that we seek his guidance.  Supposedly, The Great Recession began in 2008, less than seven years ago; seven years from 2008 will take us to 2015—a year before the next presidential election.  Take warning all—2008 could have been the start of that seven-year tribulation period before Armageddon and Judgment.  We won’t know until Campaign-16 commences.  I do not wish to scare anyone out of their flesh, I just want to let you know America right now is under a red sky in the morning, and we must all take warning.




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