The American Deck of Cards

Ace of SpadesWhile we all wait with baited breath to see if we go over the fiscal cliff or if an eleventh hour deal is made, I thought we would have some fun to take our minds off the negativity associated with the federal deficit, the war between the political parties, and the cold war between the ninety-nine and the one.

Wink Martindale became most renowned for hosting several television game shows; but when he was a very young man, he wrote a “song” (he actually spoke to the music) about a Deck of Cards and how that was his bible when he was in the army.  The ace reminds us there is one God, the deuce reminds us that there is a Heaven and a Hell, the three for Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, etc.

In an attempt to exercise some brain cells, I decided to take that same deck of cards and relate it to America, American Government, and the impact in the overall American way of life.  I found the six, the eight, and the queen most difficult.  I would like to share with you what I have conjured up:

  1. Ace
    1.  Ace = 1: One nation under one God.
    2. Ace = High Card: The greatest country in the world.
  2.  Deuce (=2): The two houses of Congress.
    1.  Senate
    2. House of Representatives
  3. Three
    1.  Separation of powers: the three branches of government
      1.  Executive
      2. Legislative
      3. Judicial
    2.  Division of powers
      1.  Local
      2. State
      3. Federal
  4.  Four: The four branches of the military that keep our land safe and free.
    1.  Army
    2. Navy
    3. Air Force
    4. Marines
  5.  Five: The five elements that make our lawmaking process
    1.  Citizens: we are government of the people, by the people, for the people
    2. Majority vote in the House of Representatives
    3. Majority vote in the Senate
    4. President signs bill
    5. Constitutionality check: any law deemed unconstitutional is null and void
  6.  Six: The six functions of the American Government defined in our Constitution
    1. To form a more perfect union
    2. To establish justice
    3. To ensure domestic tranquility
    4. To provide for the common defense
    5. To promote the general welfare
    6. To secure the blessings of liberty
  7. Seven: The seven years we fought to form a free nation: 1775 – 1781.
  8. Eight: The eight qualities we expect from our elected (and other) leaders
    1. Attitude
    2. Character
    3. Compassion
    4. Education—knowledge and wisdom
    5. Example
    6. Listening skills
    7. Perseverance
    8. Vision
  9. Nine: The nine Supreme Court justices.
  10. Ten: The Bill of Rights: The first ten amendments to the Constitution.
  11. Jack: A nation built on jacks of all trades and the freedom to choose your profession.
  12. Queen: Mother Nature who we must respect for a good environment for generations.
  13. King: George III of England who we revolted against to form this great free nation.

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