The Ace up the Sleeve

Republican ElephantI was hoping to blog more on the American Dream; unfortunately we have to save America from becoming financially insolvent first.  How my blogs articles will look after the first of the year will depend a lot on whether or not we go over this cliff and if we do, how loud a thump we make!

What inspired me to write about The Ace up the Sleeve is a recent email I received from Rob Kane (R), the state senator in my district.  The good senator makes reference to the proposed spending cuts by Governor Dannel Malloy (D) of Connecticut with a majority of cuts affecting health and human services, and the poorest of the Nutmeg-Staters.

According to the Kane report:

Among the targets of Gov. Malloy’s rescissions(sic) are the state’s poorest residents served by the Department   of Public Health, $2.2 million; Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, $7.8 million;        Department of Social Services, $32.3 million; Department of Education, $8.4 million; and the Department          of Children and Families, $18.3 million, among others.

Governor Malloy insists the alternative is to raise taxes to epic proportions and that a difficult choice has to be made between the lesser of two evils.  Yeah, I get it!  The only problem is Governor Malloy and his band of merry Democrats is that there is actually a choice among the lesser of three evils—the third evil, the ace the cheater dealer is hiding in the cuff of his shirt sleeve!  The third evil according to Kane, are the bureaucrats in Hartford; salary cuts, reduction in size of some departments with respect to employees, and consolidation of services to fewer departments:

Coincidentally and fortuitously, The Associated Press came out Thursday with a report    on the lavish         treatment of some favored bureaucrats. “At three of the four Connecticut State University campuses, the     president receives an extra $25,000 each year to spend without having to provide any documentation,”              according to the AP report.

A spokesman for Gov. Malloy pointed out such perquisites are not under the governor’s jurisdiction. But     make no mistake, he has sufficient leverage to demand cuts in benefits such as this one…

This brings me back to what I have said in many past blogs.  We need to make sensible spending cuts.  We need to privatize certain services and make the best of the negative side effects because a government in debt can no longer finance such services.  Remember the one bone of contention I picked with VP candidate Paul Ryan (R-WI) with his plans to privatize Social Security and Medicare is that first we should privatize Amtrak—it makes absolutely no sense for the feds to relinquish two services still vital to are elderly and disabled while running a railroad—even though history has shown the private sector runs a better railroad—such as the privately owned railroads industrial America was founded.

This is not to it is possible to balance the budget without any tax increases and without any cuts at all to vital services.  All I am asking is that prioritization is done properly.  Even tax increases for the wealthiest cannot and should not be undertaken until bureaucracies and boondoggles are rectified.  I can relate to thoroughly to the occupiers and ninety-niners but to put the entire burden on them is throwing out the baby with the bathwater—these are the ones who have the most potential for job creation which is a essential element in balancing the budget because after all alternatives to raising taxes have been exhausted, we need to ensure the American taxpayer at least can afford the taxes that will be necessary evils.

Furthermore, in the words of Jerry McGuire (fictional character portrayed by actor Tom Cruise), show me the money!  This is my biggest sticking point about sacrifices with respect to any American in any income class.  At the end of the day, The Malloy Plan in Connecticut would close a $365 million budget gap.  Bully!  An appreciable sum of money.  The only problem is the state of Connecticut is in debt $3.6 Billion (with a B).  At the end of the day, the Nutmeg State is still carrying a substantial amount of debt.  Remember my opposition to Connecticut repealing blue laws and allowing liquor sales on Sunday.  The politicians who sold us this bill of goods talked about the millions (with an M) it would raise, assuming a liquor seller is going to get additional customers, not just a percentage of Saturday customers changing their shopping habits.  Now small mom and pop package stores that may have an owner with no employees is forced to work seven days to compete with the big boys—another spike driven into the ailing heart of small business in CT.  And we are still in debt.  Any sacrifice other than the ultimate sacrifice our soldiers have mad to ensure our freedom are done with the prospect of something in return—say, a balanced budget.

My fellow Republicans and I are more willing than ever to reach across the aisle to Democrats to get deals done at both the state and federal levels; especially to avoid going over cliffs, and Connecticut has its own cliff to worry about too.  But my first request to the Democrat party is to take that ace out of your shirt cuff!


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