Decision 2012—Here it Comes!

We have crossed into November.  As in many Connecticut towns, Halloween was postponed until November 2 (today’s date) in regard to Sandy.  We have faced Sandy’s wrath and are still standing.  Here in the Naugatuck Valley town of Oxford, we dodged a bullet.  We lost power for three hours and lots of wind.  The Connecticut coast suffered the worst damage.  In New Jersey, Governor Christie praised President Obama and rightfully so.  But it is time to move forward to the 2012 election.  As once stated many times in the old time typewriter biz, Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party! 

Remember, if you want FEMA to continue to serve in such emergencies, if you want weather satellites updated in a timely fashion to help predict such storms and give us time to prepare, if you want a government who can assist financially, and in many other ways, in emergency situations, we must balance the budget first.  The so called Frankenstorm put a lot of things into perspective: if we want a government that can provide what it has to in order to ensure the American way of life can sustain and prosper, some things have to be cut and it is the limited government that can also be financially able to make this possible.

We are reminded of the vertical alignment of life: first God, then family, then country, then everything else.  Citizens reaching out to other citizens, everyone helping out; this is what works the best.  Mitt Romney may not be perfect, but this he understands.  When Christie praised Obama, he reminded us we are Americans first, then Republicans and Democrats.  Actually we are Americans second, and Republicans, Democrats, Independents, etc. third.  We are God’s Children first.  And we acted accordingly, helpful, concerned, and non-judgmental because our fundamental beliefs led us on the path of righteousness to just plum do the right thing; the right thing has been around on this earth longer than either political party.

Now it is time to honor a responsibility handed down to all of us Americans eighteen and older by our Founding Fathers who allowed us to have a free nation—The Greatest Nation God ever allowed to exist on his earth.  Exercise your right to vote.  I hope you will vote Republican, but more important, vote for somebody.  Majority rule only works when the majority votes and participates.  You already know how important it is to have a balanced budget to continue the American Dream.  Go on and get the vote out!  Together, we can rebuild America better than it ever was!



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