Dear loyal readers:

The impending storm (Hurricane Sandy a.k.a. Frankenstorm) is on its way to my home town of Oxford, Connecticut.  I am prepared with bottled water, food, and our Briggs and Stratton utility is gassed and good to go.  If we lose power, not sure for how long so there may not be blog updates for a while.

I will use this chance to tell everyone to vote.  Yes, I would prefer you vote Republican, vote for Mitt Romney for president, and vote in as many Republicans to congress as possible.  But the important thing is Vote for Somebody!  1775 – 1781, young men of the time made the ultimate sacrifice so we would have the right to vote and American democracy, the ultimate government of the people, by the people, and for the people is perfunctory without the peopleWE are the people and Mr. Lincoln was referring to at Gettysburg at 1863.

I have been watching the World Series and I see the San Francisco Giants are up 3 – 0.  Amazing the team that swept and eliminated the Yankees (Detroit Tigers) has not scored a single run during the entire World Series.  Neither of these teams were wild cards but not the best record in the league either—in fact, this series is between the two weakest division champions.  The lesson in that is exactly what your little league coach or elementary school gym teacher told you many years ago: any team can win on any given day! 

I hope if you are living in an area affected by Hurricane Sandy that you have prepared to the best of your ability.  Look in on pets, elderly, and anyone you know in your neighborhood.  Last night I made phone calls to too elderly relatives of mine, one in Norwalk, Connecticut, and one in Queens, New York.  Let’s hope for a quick recovery if we get the worst of the storm!


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