Romnesia vs. Obamaloney

As we get to Round 4—the final debate between President Obama and Governor Romney fifteen days before Election Day, it is time now to decide.  Though I intend to vote for Mitt Romney, I wish he would disclose more details on his economic plan.  It’s been a long time since the first televised debate in 1960 between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy.  With the advent of Saturday Night Live, the Internet, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter, debates have mainstreamed into pop culture and either do not influence voters or influence them in the wrong way.  Couple that with early voting now permitted in thirty-one states, more than half the nation, including two key battleground states, Ohio and North Carolina, it makes for a bigger mess than any of us planned.

I admit Mitt Romney has not always told the truth, although I am convinced Obama’s stress tests on the truth can be far more damning in the long run.  But in fairness, our system sometimes gives a politician no choice but to vend snake –oil and hope there is an ingredient that actually works.  If we agree that Christian principles were the building blocks of most of our Founding Fathers’ decisions, the two fundamentals of Christianity are (1) nobody is born saved and (2) everybody sins and no matter how [we] try, everyman and everywoman is guaranteed to fall short of complete glorification of God.  Hence, the so called Jesus Network preaches keep your sins to a minimum, resist as much temptation as possible, and seek forgiveness when you fail.  Now let us look at the influence and effect that has on American politics.

Let us consider hypocrisy to be by definition a lie in action.  In 1776, Thomas Jefferson said All men are created equal, and yet, he owned slaves and did not free them upon his signing of The Declaration of Independence.  During the Jefferson-Hamilton debate of 1804, Jefferson explained he would go bankrupt trying to operate a family plantation on paid labor while everyone else has slaves with wages of $0.00.  Many political scholars today say he should have made that sacrifice, because many colonists made the ultimate sacrifice in The Revolutionary War making the formation of a free country possible in the first place.  Alas, there is nothing new under the sun; modern politicians including Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama fall into that same trap Thomas Jefferson fell into two-hundred forty-six years ago.

Another example I like to use is with respect to the Paparazzi and their handling of celebrity gaffes and faux pas.  You can think of the Paparazzi as the bad guy, but they are giving the people what they want.  If Americans are no longer interested in gossip and the private lives of celebrities, they will cease to serve a purpose and vanish from the face of the Earth.  But as long as the people fuel the Paparazzi’s fire, they are an eternal flame.  Americans, whether one considers him or herself a political aficionado or not, desire the snake-oil, even if it is just to criticize and be negative.  Why do politicians running for office run more negative ads, ads that bash their opponents and say nothing on behalf of themselves, than positive ads, ads of self-praise and/or listing accomplishments?  Answer: [we] pay more attention to negative ads than positive ads!  To quote an NFL coach on a beer commercial of the recent past, You play to win the game! 

It is interesting observation by pundits that both Romney and Obama repeat the same [lies] after fact-checkers prove they are not true.  Question: as a voter, would you be any more likely to vote for a candidate who said America is on the verge of national bankruptcy.  The current [president] made a noble effort based on a political philosophy close to his heart.  If we cannot fund a strong military, we need not worry about war, the enemy can just walk right in.  Unfortunately, I have no solution.  I cannot raise taxes because the unemployed cannot afford more taxes.  I cannot make any spending cuts because I cannot stand up to the opposition party who wants to continue tax and spend economics.  I cannot bring back manufacturing to America and create jobs for the unemployed because with those unions whom I cannot stand up to, it is not cost effective.  I offer no solution, but I look nice in a blue suit with a red tie in the backdrop of the Oval OfficeSo vote for me?  If a candidate actually said that, the American people would get an insatiable craving for snake-oil.  The Truth, in its purest form, is very gloom and doom right now.  The human psyche responds formidably to laughter, happiness, fun, and good news.  Maybe this is why the fact checkers cannot shut the snake-oil vendors that live in the minds of the politicians somewhere on the bridge between the emotional and intellectual factions of the intricate human mind.

The bridge between the sin of lying and the somber nature of the truth is faith.  As God’s children registered to vote, we need to pick a candidate, vote for that candidate, and go on faith he or she can make things better.  When you put both God and Godliness into the equation, voting Republican makes the most sense to me.  I actually believe Barrack Obama to be a Godly sole, but he is caught in that web of liberalism that is seldom on the side of morality and Godly principles.  Furthermore, for the same reason you cannot argue with success, you cannot argue with failure either.  You don’t need a truth meter to judge functional (i.e. working) with perfunctory.  In real time, Obama-nomics have proven to be perfunctory, and in many ways perfunctory is the best case scenario; socialism that succeeds would be a far greater tragedy.

For those of you disappointed in Mitt Romney’s failure to disclose details, I hear you.  But I see the logic in avoiding tax increases to the middle class in a down economy with 8% unemployment, that raising taxes on the wealthy is counterproductive to job creation but that eliminating loopholes and deductions will result in the wealthiest Americans paying more taxes than they do now, hence a revenue stream to help pay off the debt, and sensible spending cuts to both put toward the deficit and to allow third rail entitlements (i.e. Social Security and Medicare) to continue at least for those fifty-five and older for whom it is too late to start over, and to revive the opportunities that will subsequently revive The American Dream.  I intend to take a leap of faith that Romney-nomics will make us better off than we are now.  (By the way, I welcome a reply from Big Bird!)

Don’t forget to vote Tuesday, November 6.  Even if you disagree with me, vote for the candidate you believe in.  Blood was shed for the right to vote.  Together, we can take back America!



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