Ryan vs. Biden

Last Thursday (10-11-2012) I watched the debate between the VP hopefuls, Paul Ryan for us Republicans and Vice President Joe Biden for the incumbent Democrats.  The first thing I noticed was the age difference—when Joe Biden got elected to Congress for the first time, Paul Ryan was two years old.  It was an interesting, yet classic battle between youth and experience.  Think of a rookie Tom Seaver in 1967 pitching to The Great Willie Mays when the Giants (New York refugees) came to town.  More recently, think about the young, ambitious, and athletic Raul Ibanez pinch hitting for the quintessential A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez), a future hall of famer unless blackballed by steroid usage, hitting a walk-off home run in the Yankees quest to defeat the Baltimore Orioles and move on to the next round to get closer to the World Series, a task that was completed by last night’s (10-12-2012) victory in the Bronx.  Same concept with tongues used in lieu of bats and words become the hits and outs.

Overall, I was impressed by Paul Ryan and the way he conducted himself in a debate moderated by ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz, known to be tough and in control.  While some candidates often ramble and change the subject to avoid answering something controversial or unpopular, I thought he answered the questions as asked.  Joe Biden ultimately won the debate by a small margin of proverbial points.  Biden avoided doing what he is known for; he did not speak to freely and put his foot in his mouth.  What he did do is show his pearly whites and giggle a little while Ryan was talking and interject claiming Ryan did not speak the truth.  He may have misspoke on a few occasions on the specifics of the Romney economic plan, but liberal economics and conservative economics, or big government vs. limited government are for the most part pedagogy and there are no absolute truths.  We do know that Obama-brand big government liberal policies are failing before our eyes.  Alas, Joe won as the well-seasoned experienced debater.  Paul did do well for a first-timer.

As voters, we the bottom line is we need to elect the best president (the VEEP goes with the ticket), not necessarily the best debater.  We need to make the election on November 6 a true referendum on liberal vs. conservative policies and not be led astray by the one with the nice looking bobbles.  I know we need to cut spending, we are not in a position to justify higher taxes, and therefore I support the conservative agenda towards a limited government, replacing entitlements with opportunities, and reviving the American Dream.


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