A Confilcting Viewpoint (Snake Oil Politics)

I have launched The 7 Train back in November 2011 and we finally have a contributor presenting a conflicting viewpoint.  Here it is.


It’s time the other side had a few words.  Let [me] start with an explanation of snake oil politics.  This is a term that was coined by George Gallaway, who was once the speaker for the New Labor party in the United Kingdom.  It seems to be very applicable to politics in Washington as practiced by the conservative Republicans who behave more like a vicious cult than a group of elected officials.

Snake oil can be defined as panacea, or some kind of miraculous and quick remedy, comprised of a secret ingredient which is never divulged, of course.  Thus, along with the snake oil, you have the snake oil salesman who will say anything and oversimplify everything in order to [clinch] the sale.  Sound familiar?  It should if you’ve been following the sales pitch of Governor Romney and Paul Ryan.  They say they have a cure for everything but please don’t ask too many questions about the secret ingredient.

Unfortunately, the Republican Party, a.k.a. the Grand Old Party has been corrupted by the right wing conservatives who have made it shallow, spiteful, and brought their politics to a shameful level of infamous disregard for the welfare of the country they purport to cherish.

[My] family was very political and [my] father, known as Mr. Republican in my home town, referred to himself as a Rockefeller Republican—that is a fiscal conservative but a social liberal.  I doubt he would align himself with the Republican Party these days.  I doubt if he would recognize it as the party that he party that he was proud to represent in his political heyday.  There was nothing acrimonious in his disagreements with the policies and personalities of his political foes.

But the Grand Old Party these days with its ultra-conservative infiltration is so intent on regaining and retaining control to further espouse their narrow-minded and soundly biased views that they promise a great deal of snake oil (also defined as bull#@%!) while creating a totally vitriolic and ineffective congress where self-aggrandizement takes precedent over the welfare of the voters who have placed their trust in them.  No doubt you’ve heard the expression that it is politics as usual in Washington.  Well, [I’ve] been a voter for fifty-four years, and politics is not as usual.  To quote Clive Evans:

Democracy itself has no meaning when all parties act in the same way in office,
and when their manifestos are worthless snake-oil.

The election should be, must be, one that is taken seriously and given much thought.  It is not time to be a lazy voter and not check out the facts.  The Republicans would like you to be a political mushroom—cultivate in the dark and fed bull#@%!.



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