It’s Back to Robert Hall Again

I was listening to the Mets-Cardinals game from St. Louis on the radio coming back from the barber in Southbury, about 4 miles north of my home town of Oxford.  They were playing an afternoon game at Bush Stadium for which the Mets won in the ninth on an appeal play at second base for a Cardinal runner hit a double and missed the bag.   One reason for the day game, school begins tomorrow in St. Louis.  In about the fifth inning, the announcers on WFAN radio were reminiscing on the old theme song for Robert Hall, a popular clothing store in the New York area, where I am originally from, that sold children’s clothes at a discount.  Robert Hall had the same back to school jingle for about twenty-five years straight, until they became a casualty of a long-ago recession:

School bells ring and children sing
it’s back to Robert Hall again
Mother knows for better clothes
It’s back to Robert Hall again

You’ll save more on clothes for school.

Shop at Robert Hall

…and we knew our summer fun was about over.

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