Ode to Mr. Gorsky

With the passing of astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon for the Apollo-11 moon mission in 1969, those of us old enough to have actually been alive in 1969 and have watched it on analog television sets (we had a Sears-Roebuck color television made in 1967), it is a time to reflect on how rapid technology moves and all the things like the Internet, cell phones, I-Pads, I-Pods, and I-Phones that were merely science fiction back then.  1969 overall was a special year for me.  I was seven years old in first grade, I saw the Miracle Mets win the World Series and the first man walk on the moon.

As Neil Armstrong stepped down from the lunar module to walk on the moon, install his Plantronics headphone with microphone set in his space helmet and source of air, throw a switch to turn on a television camera for the world to see, he spoke the famous words, One small step for me, one giant leap for mankind.  The words of symbolism appropriate for the occasion.  But as the rocket took off from the moon to return Neil along with moonwalk partner Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and commander Michael Collins back to Earth, Armstrong made another statement, Good luck, Mr. Gorsky.  At that point in time, no one had a clue who Mr. Gorsky was.

Interesting since we speak of baseball with the miracle Mets along with the moonwalk as the highlights of The Summer of 69, also made famous in a Bob Segar song.  Armstrong would not say anything about Mr. Gorsky until a speech he made in 1995 after Mr. Gorsky had passed away.

Mr. and Mrs. Gorsky were next door neighbors of the Armstrongs when young Neil was ten years old and hitting a baseball with a friend in his backyard.  The friend hit the ball over the fence into the Gorsky’s yard and Neil climbed the fence to retrieve the ball.  Mr. and Mrs. Gorsky were having an argument and as the argument concluded, Mr. Gorsky asked Mrs, Gorsky for, as coined by Ray Romano in the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, make-up sex.  Mrs. Gorsky, still not completely over her anger, said to her husband, Sex?  I’ll have sex with you when that boy walks on the moon!  Hence, the adult and astronaut Neil Armstrong concluded the Apollo 11 mission with the words, good luck Mr. Gorsky.


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