It’s That Time Again

It is a leap year and presidential election year and the two major parties will once again be hosting conventions.  Romey, Ryan, and the Republicans are in Tampa, Florida this week.  Although Tropical Storm Isaac almost postponed it, it looks good for now.  Obama, Biden, and those Dems will be in Charlotte, North Carolina, another venue affected by hurricane season a week later circumnavigating around Labor Day and a nice three-day shorty like Nixon’s confirmation in 1972 in Miami.

For me, a voice for the Republicans, conservatives, and believers in the revival of the American Dream, it is merely an interlude as conventions these days are for confirmation as the primaries determine the nominee.  For my late father, who wrote state and national politics for the Bridgeport Post prior to its sale in the late eighties to a firm that turned it into a rag, it was his finest hour as he would go to both parties’ conventions and get the scoop for stories in the daily edition as well as for his regular column in the Sunday Post.

My father loved the camaraderie of interviewing the candidates and the other important people in both parties.  I don’t think he would be thrilled with the fact that the two conventions are only a week apart this time around, especially with the second one on Labor Day week.  He would have to work on Labor Day to wrap up the GOP convention in his hotel in Tampa and then catch the red-eye to Charlotte.  Nonetheless, it was in his blood and we would have our Labor Day cookout thinking about him.

It would have been nice if there were something exciting going on like if Romney had chosen to let the delegation decide his running-mate; with the collapse of my beloved New York Mets, there is not much to cheer about on the baseball front and it hard to watch them give away runs to teams with worse records than them by not covering the bag and nobody covering home last Wednesday night when the last place (NL West) Colorado Rockies beat them 6-2 and ultimately swept them in a four game series.

Next stop is the debates and then the general election on November 6.  I hope we get our Republicans in to curb the deficit and begin the process of rebuilding the American Dream for all of us.




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