Paul Ryan–A Good Man

It’s official!  Romney has selected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as the Vice Presidential running-mate.  Ryan, 42, is a good Christian (Catholic), a good family man, and a good conservative from the Tea Party faction.  Ryan’s budget plan would end Medicare as we know it, privatize Social Security, and offer the most drastic spending cuts in history.

As a proponent of limited government, we now have someone who fight for fiscal sanity by limiting government and take a huge step in restoring the American Dream.  Many pundits claim this changes the face of the election as it is now a referendum on liberal vs. conservative policy and a sub-referendum on Obamacare.  The downside to this is it does not enable middle-of-the-road swing voters, those who make or break an election, to [our] side.

The hurdle we Republicans will have this November is not the ticket, but Romney himself.  His past stands on abortion, gay marriage, his version of Obamacare dubbed Romneycare implemented in Massachusetts when he was governor, and wealth un-relatable to the average middle class Joe and outsourcing jobs.  Sure, we Republican conservatives like Paul Ryan because he is one of us, but we are not voting for Paul Ryan, we are voting the Romney-Ryan ticket and Romney is the one that will be running the country.  The Ryan selection alone does not ensure the conservative base that Romney himself is committed to [our] conservative ideals.

The biggest affect the Ryan Factor may have on the November 6 election is on the congressional election—it should motivate fellow Republican conservatives to vote in Republican conservative senators and congressmen to get our plan for limited government and fiscal responsibility implemented.  Now is the time for all good men [and women] to come to the aid of their party.


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