A Dark [Night] in Aurora, Colorado

Twelve people including a six year old were killed by twenty-four year old James Holmes by gunshots at a midnight premier of the batman movie The Dark Knight Rises at Aurora’s Century Cinema Complex.  Holmes first released a tear gas canister and then proceeded on a shooting spree.  As a result, Colorado is rethinking gun control laws and the expiration of the assault weapon ban.  The good news is Colorado does have the death penalty.  Back in my home state of Connecticut, where Governor Danel Malloy (D) just repealed our death penalty, I think it is time to rethink that.

First on the issue of gun control, I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, but I believe in practical limitations—you don’t need an assault weapon and arming people to the hilt is not the answer.  If any or all of the movie patrons were armed, they still could not take Holmes out—he was wearing a motorcycle helmet and a bullet-proof vest.  The incident is however, a typical example of what the NRA means when they say, If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.  When a criminal decides to commit a crime, he is committed to breaking at least one law—that is the definition of crime and criminals.  He or she is a self-defining disclaimer that he or she may get caught by the police and busted, etc.  Therefore, what deters him or her from breaking a gun law in addition?  And he or she is not concerned with whether or not it is a legal gun—in fact; a criminal wants the most powerful gun he or she can get his or her hands on.  The problem is ten times magnified if no law abiding citizen can have a gun.  Alas, the Second Amendment has its purpose in the America’s codification of its laws.

As for the death penalty, don’t even think of trying to tell me James Holmes deserves to live.  He is sick and deranged and probably expects to die for his crime.  Why should the residents of the state of Colorado pay their taxes to keep this nut job alive in prison for the extent of his life?   I know some of you think life in a hell-hole prison with no chance of parole is a fait worse than death and justice is better served.  But The Bible does not say to do this, the Bible says An eye for an eye and Mr. Holmes has killed more people than he has eyes to sacrifice.  Mr. Holmes should be given time for one last chance to get saved unto Jesus and be forgiven and go to Heaven, but his earthly life must be terminated as the price for those twelve lives he took.  Remember the Cheshire home invasion?  Connecticut is not exempt from having a Dark [Night] of its own and if we do, we need to reinstate our death penalty ASAP!


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