Why Repeal Obamacare

Sounds like those Obama Democrats really have your back.  They want to give more Americans easier access to quality health insurance at an affordable price for the middle class.  Sounds like a good idea in spite of stretching the capitalism à socialism continuum as far as you can rationalize.  But before you even open that debate, let us get it straight for the record, the Obama Democrats are not selling you, the middle class affordable health insurance, they are selling you a bill of goods.

First of all, how can you justify the federal government undertaking another expense when they cannot curb a multi-trillion dollar deficit with the status quo in government programs and entitlements?  Spending money you don’t have is the express route to bankruptcy.  The city of San Bernadino, California just filed for bankruptcy.  Even my liberal counterparts agree we should at least delay gratification until we balance the budget or at least reach a level of manageable debt.

Second, as I have said before, how, in a free country, do you force someone to buy something against [their] will?  I mentioned before you have to be plum loco to not want to be insured, but we must never lose freedom of choice—it won’t be America anymore.  The justification of constitutionality of Obamacare by judges such as Sotomeyer and Keagan stems from the fact that Obamcare is a new tax, not really a fine, and if you buy health insurance, the insurance company pays the tax instead of [you].  Typical Democrat, more taxation.  Remember the Dred Scott decision in 1857.  While many believed it defined slavery as the law of the land, when Mr. Lincoln was sworn-in in 1861, he made it clear this was simply the decision pertaining to a special case.  Nine [people] do not make the law of the land—we have three branches of government.  All the supreme court did was validate Obamacare as constitutional, it is still a choice we have in the land of government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  The assertion of the law’s constitutionality does not in any way define an absolute mandate.

For the sake of righting a wrong, resolve the issue through private insurance companies.  Pass a federal statute requiring all health insurance companies to pay for pre-existing conditions.  Offer tax incentives to insurance companies and employers for keeping it affordable.  There is a compassionate conservative resolution based on the Thomas Payne edict known as common sense. 

How can you fellow Americans do your bit?  Elect as many Republicans as possible this November.  Elect Mitt Romney (he is our party’s choice), elect Republican senators and congressmen in your states and districts, elect Republican governors and state representatives at your next state election.  Let us replace entitlements with opportunities which will both balance the federal budget and create a better quality of life for all Americans.  Let us all be what God intended each and every one of us to be.


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