The biggest gripe voters have these days is the lack of diversity among the two parties.  President Obama’s approval rating is less than 50% and most Republicans and other conservatives view Mitt Romney not much less liberal.  Popular belief is that grass roots conservative idealism and limited government will not be achieved with either candidate.  I cannot guarantee there will be any form of conservative nirvana under a Romney presidency (a lot to do with why I and The 7 Train endorsed Santorum before he had to answer to a higher calling with his family), but there is a quite a bit of diversity.

I had the radio on in my car as I was driving to work from Oxford to Stamford (Sunday is one day I have to drive if I am scheduled to work) and a young teenage girl who has been volunteering with her church fellowship pointed out a woman in Colorado who aborted her baby because ultrasound confirmed it was a girl and they wanted a boy.  Even pro-choicers cringed at this as an abuse of a system allowing a pregnant woman to choose as completely wrong and ungodly.  Yet, the Democrats refuse to condemn this action.  Mitt may be on the fence more than the average Republican at this time, but he would never allow this and if the only way to prevent it is to take a pro-life stand, so be it.  Since neither party can get the budget balanced either with their own politics or bipartisanship, the best answer is to turn the problem over to God.  Like The Bible says, …with God, all things are possible.  God’s solutions come via blessings and God cannot bless those who condone this ungodly behavior, i.e. the Democrats.  With the Republicans siding with life, they can earn blessings and although Mitt has issues, he has a better chance to see righteous reason and act accordingly.

On the drive home, a man on a talk show discussed the flat tax scenario.  He explained how it would give power back to the people.  His plan would be to replace the federal income tax with a 3% national sales tax only on new goods (not used).  I have mixed feelings about this although the federal government would save millions by being able to shut down the IRS.  I think a more practical solution is a flat rate federal income tax which also would not require an agency like the IRS because if everyone across the board, regardless of income, paid a flat 9% income tax (one percent less than The Lord asks for, a tithe), no IRS or forms required; just set everybody’s withholdings to exactly 9%, electronically transfer that 9% to the United States Treasury, and at the end of the year, everybody is paid in full—you couldn’t commit fraud if you wanted.  Many Republican support the notion of a flat tax—nary a one solitary Democrat.

Let’s get Social Security and those services too essential to eliminate privatized so that they will continue to exist for those who need them, just not at the expense of the government.  Let’s create the opportunities for our young people so that they can overcome, live the American Dream, and not need the entitlements.  People my age and myself may not live to see this process completed, but let us begin.  Ask NOT what your country can do for you, ask NOT what you can do for your country either, ask God what he wants you to do for your country and do it…


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