Righting a Wrong in Modern Politics

There has been a lot of discussion on the topic of gay marriage by both sides this past week.  Let me set the record straight, I do believe a marriage should be defined as between a man and a woman.  I also believe this issue should not decide the outcome of the election—it’s the economy, stupid!  Nonetheless, American Society must make a correction if it going to continue to fulfill the prophesy stated in the Constitution’s Preamble and promote the general welfare of its citizens.

I know what the scripture says about homosexuality and I believe it to be true.  But I think the attacks by radical right groups carrying signs reading GOD HATES YOU and threatening physical harm are wrong and even un-Godly.  Let’s set the record straight, God does NOT hate anyone.  He loves all his children equally and unconditionally and prays for sinners to repent and offers the gift of salvation via forgiveness.  The behavior of the afore mentioned individuals is barbaric and must be stopped at all costs.  Sure I believe scripture is accurate, but neither I nor any mortal man has the right to judge, especially by begetting violence and misrepresenting God’s will.  God gives all sinners of all sins an entire lifetime to repent; the act of repentance is the works associated with keeping the faith alive, and if the individual comes up short in the end despite the effort, salvation can still be achieved by forgiveness, through the blood of Jesus in Christianity and in any other religious discipline as stated in their documents (Bible, Koran, etc.).

Though I prefer to limit the gay union process to civil unions, I do see it important that the civil unions can support the benefits of heterosexual marriage with respect to the legal union and the corresponding financials.  If gay parents are raising a child, the child should not be denied medical insurance benefits nor be penalized at probate when a parental death occurs.  Regardless how I or any of my fellow Republican conservatives stand on the issue, let us not forget the child did not choose his parental arrangement and should not be penalized under law.  Remember the child could overcome the challenge, be heterosexual, and raise a [normal] nuclear family.  He is entitled to medical coverage to the legal age limit and should not be denied a college education and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Gay marriage will always be a conundrum.  The Bible says what it says about homosexual behavior, but there will always be a conflict between two fundamental principles in the Bible—don’t judge and don’t enable.  To oppose gay marriage can be interpreted as judging and supporting it will most-likely be interpreting it as enabling—a complete no win situation.  Our elected officials must operate on the parameter they can control; the codification of the laws of man.  Knowing God loves us all unconditionally and does not want children to suffer regardless of the sins of the adults in his or her life, we must right the wrong as stated in the two above paragraphs; and move on to economic policy and limited government.


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