Voter Registration of Election Day?

The Connecticut General Assembly is debating over a bill that would permit voter registration on the day of the election.  Although I am all for ways of making it easier to register to vote so more Americans will exercise their right, this is not the best thing.

The biggest fear is double voting.  Someone can move to Connecticut from another state close to Election Day and have cast an absentee vote in their former state while registering on Election Day and voting a second time.  Polling places will be chaotic trying to sort it out and there would have to be a way to identify the ballots of those voting who just registered so that if determined they voted in another state, these ballots could be voided.  The catch-22 is ballots are not identified by voter name to maintain the secrecy of the ballot.

It is not unreasonable for the wait time to be reduced from the old-school six-month residency requirement since modern computer technology allows data to be transferred much quicker.  But right on Election Day is too soon.  I am ok with seventeen year olds registering if they are going their eighteenth birthday falls on or before Election Day.

Between repealing the death penalty, liquor on Sunday, and now a voter registration plan that just won’t work, I think Dannel Malloy is a one term governor.  Fellow Republicans, let’s get a good candidate in 2014.


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