Newt Hangs it Up

Time to focus on Romney vs. Obama in November.  Newt’s delegates will be released and most will now support Mitt Romney and number 1,144 will come long before Tampa in August.

For my fellow Republicans and fellow conservatives to pave the way for Mitt to defeat Obama in November, it is imperative that no third party candidates enter the race.  We cannot control someone like a Ralph Nader, or some unknown, but we can control our own.  The original seven who challenged Romney and had many a debate before the Iowa caucuses should sign a pact not to run an independent candidacy but to support Mitt Romney and guide him toward conservatism.

A vote for a third party conservative is a vote for Obama.  All one does is split the Republican and the conservative vote up the middle and Obama wins by default with a s little as 34% of the popular vote.  This means if his approval rating is less than 50%, he would not be able to effectively govern even if he does find his leadership groove, as it were.

Romney asked Newt Gingrich to be part of his team, clearly indicating the former speaker will not run as a third party.  Rick Santorum has to answer to his ailing daughter, a higher calling, and the others are either out of money or scrutinized (Herman Cain) beyond retribution.

Let’s look forward to some good debates between Romney and Obama late summer and early fall.  Romney will definitely talk the conservative talk; I just hope if elected, he will walk the walk too.  America is on a critical break point.  Let’s make it the land of opportunity God created it to be, limited government and enabling opportunity, not an endless list of entitlements.


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