Romney vs. Obama–Come November

With Rick Santorum out of the race, the Gingrich and Paul camps on both financial and delegate count life support, a presidential election between Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama is pretty much a foregone conclusion.  As I stated when I and The 7 Train chose to endorse Santorum, I did have a sub-header that I would support the G.O.P. nominee regardless.  I am ready to support Mitt Romney for president as the majority [of Republicans] have spoken.  Santorum no longer an option, I did vote for Mitt Romney in yesterday’s (4/24/2012) primary here in Connecticut.

Defeating Barrack Obama will not be a cake walk by any stretch of the imagination, but with the decline in Obama’s popularity worldwide, barring a national crisis close to Election Day handled favorably such that Obama can get credit regardless of his role, defeating the incumbent president may be the easier of the two main objectives.  The victory for conservatism is going to be more challenging.

It is very important that fellow Republicans and fellow conservatives work hard to influence Mr. Romney to show his conservative side, both as a candidate and if elected, as president.  For example, America cannot afford ObamaCare with a multi-trillion dollar deficit and could potentially bankrupt this nation.  Though Romney said he would repeal it, it will be difficult for him credibility-wise to go through with it since he is the architect for the prototype for ObamaCare when he was governor of Massachusetts.  And repeal is a relative term; he could repeal ObamaCare and then resurrect it under the new name RomneyCare.  This is not to say there is not a need to reform health care in this country, but it has to be done by passing statutes for private insurance companies to abide by; regulation, but the most limited regulation possible, there are even many liberals who admit when it comes to ObamaCare, we just can’t afford it right now.

A positive sign is Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been on the campaign trail with Obama.  He is the party’s first choice for vice president, a good conservative, and a very marketable Hispanic who can lure Hispanic votes away from Obama.  There was speculation as to would he accept if chosen, it looks now like he will albeit Mitt Romney will probably make no announcements as to number two until delegate number 1,144 crosses the plate.

Now the RNC and fellow Republicans must map out a conservative agenda to run on and to implement when moving in to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Furthermore, make sure we get a good majority of senators and congressmen, not only a Republican majority, but a conservative majority—this is the recipe for taking back America and restoring the American Dream.  Now is the time for all good [men] to come to the aid of their party.  My party is the Republican party; let’s work together to ensure it is the congregation of true representation of conservatism.


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