Worldwide Bourse

I have talked about the resurrection of the American Dream and the creation of empowerment zones that exemplify the true definition, not the pseudonym for welfare zone, but real empowerment comparable to the Homestead Act where farmers got free land provided they operated profitable farms and paid their taxes.  Well, truth be told, we have to balance the budget first, even when government investing is a good idea, you still cannot spend what you don’t have.  The next president of the United States may not be able to implement any such thing even if he or she believes in it and voters should elect the right man for the time (what I liked about Santorum).  But I would like to discuss another issue that was brought up at several of the Republican debates at the heart of primary season, foreign aid, and a remedy for the future.

The candidates discussed whether or not that money allocated for aid for any and all foreign countries should be reset to zero.  Former candidate Governor Rick Perry followed up with the remark even Israel.  Well, this would be rather problematic with respect to America’s accord with Israel when the Israeli state was established in 1948.  So foreign aid should be must be greater than zero to Israel and possibly exception taken in a few others.  But this is not to say a virtual zero cannot be achieved.  Do politicians not know algebra?  Zero is not the lowest number in the universe—what about all numbers with the little minus signs in front of them?  Truth be told, we are both the nation with the largest deficit, in the vicinity of $14 Trillion, AND we are the largest debtor nation.  While countries like Israel need foreign aid greater than zero, some countries who owe us should be reset not to zero, but to balance due, please remit!  Cannot do much with a nation like Greece who filed for bankruptcy, but there are others we should start calling for our debt.  Then America can play the role of the credit counselor and work out reasonable payment plans and forgiveness of part of the nations’ respective debts owed to America over the long haul.  Even if we allow many nations to short sell us, we can still make a huge dent in our deficit.

Then what?  America balances its budget and creates a small surplus.  You cannot just bring everything you took away back—America will go right back into debt.  And with the effect of inflation, possibly a larger deficit with less effort.  If we cannot restore third rail entities such as Social Security and Medicare, we certainly cannot go back to lending foreign countries large sums of money, or disburse excessive aid money.  What about that third wheel?  Can’t give away aid money.  Can’t lend.  What does that leave?  Venture capital; investing in a foreign country’s economic success, the way stock traders invest in a business’s success.

Sure George Washington would have cringed as he recommended isolationism with no permanent alliances with any foreign country.  But two-hundred thirty-three-six years later, we are a worldwide economy.  American soil is too limited in natural resources now a day to go back to the days of the Father of our Country albeit the wisdom of Mr. Washington shall never be taken in vein.  Once the budget is balanced or if a balanced budget is just around the corner,the president, when he or she attends the next G-20 Summit, should suggest the creation of a Worldwide Bourse to allow America and any other strong financial nation to invest in a developing nation, such as the middle-Eastern nation recently sowing seeds of democracy.  Interesting word—bourse.  The Bourse in pre-twentieth century Great Britain was one of the world’s first major trading exchanges; mainly commodities such as corn and wheat, as corporate stock did not really exist in those days.  A Worldwide Bourse would allow strong financial countries to invest in developing countries and there would be no need for American or anyone else for that matter to loan them money at the risk of not being paid back or giving away foreign aid like money grows on trees.

Like I said, America has to balance its budget first, but it is a strong thought for the future.  Not only economically, but larger investments can be made for those developing nations choosing to be democracies, and America (or any other democracy) would have the option not to invest a penny in a nation that insists on tyrannical rule putting its people through tyranny and oppression.  This is in no way a substitute for putting a stop to outsourcing and manufacturing in America, but the investment will trickle down to the reconstruction of the American Dream with respect to resources we need that our own soil can no longer provide.  Let’s have a plan for this bourse that we can vault for now, but unleash in a big way in due time, in God’s time.


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