Titanic 100

April 15, 2012.  For most of us, it is the income tax deadline albeit a Sunday so if you have not already done so, you have until midnight tomorrow, midnight Tuesday if you file your taxes to an IRS branch in the Massachusetts due to the state’s (commonwealth’s) Patriots’ Day holiday.  It was a day in Major League Baseball where every player wore number 42 on their backs to honor the anniversary of Jackie Roosevelt Robinson breaking the color line on April 15, 1947 with the Brooklyn Dodgers.  But in 2012, it is most renowned for in a most infamous manner as the one-hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic, believed to be an unsinkable ship.

April 15, 1912 was not income tax day—the federal income tax was not created until a year later as a temporary tax—yeah, right.  As it turns out, the deadline was March 15th prior to 1955.  Jackie Robinson had not been born yet, and players did not wear numbers on their backs until 1929 (Yankees put numerals one though eight on how the starting eight hit in the batting order in 1927), even in Fenway Park’s inaugural game on April 20, 1912.  But the most horrific ocean liner disaster took place at 11:35 PM when the Titanic struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic and over 1,500 people died as the unsinkable ship with not enough lifeboats sank.

As the ship was sinking, Captain Edward Smith, one voyage (the Titanic maiden voyage)  away from retiring from White Star Lines, made reference to the name Titanic was a reference to the Titans, those who challenged God’s authority.  Millionaire John Astor aboard the ship insisted Smith fire up all the boilers and go full steam ahead into Pier-59 in Manhattan and impress the world on how fast the ship was and could startle the world by arriving early.  Astor intentionally refused to be saved or save himself when he realized what he had done.  One of the forgotten men lost on this voyage was the Reverend John Harper, who used his final hours to save as many souls in Christian fashion (accepting Jesus) as he could.  This morning, a local radio station out of Milford, Connecticut has two bible scholars doing a contrast analysis between Noah’s Ark and the Titanic.

In biblical times, God contacted Noah and told him to build the Ark as he had to flood out the world to cure the sins of man and for Noah to save as many pairs of animals as possible.  The rule was one of each kind of animal had to be on board, but not necessarily every animal.  For example, two dogs, not two of each breed of dog.  Scholars claim a vessel one third the size would have sufficed based on the measurements they determined for Noah’s Ark.  Those on board the Ark were fearful of God and thinking about redemption.  Many aboard the Titanic were indulging in the pleasures associated with the ship, even after it was announced it struck that iceberg.  These bible scholars claimed the demeanor of many of the passengers, those saved by the lifeboats and those who perished represented the beginning of secular dominance; those who survived and sailed in on the Carpathian were among the last of the Godly.

Getting back to Reverend John Harper, the question was posed by the guests on the program, Does a saved person save others?  If not, is he or she really saved?  In the purest sense, maybe, maybe not.  Not all people get an opportunity to save another and may talk to many that just won’t do it.  But it is great fuel for devising a game plan to save America.  We must re-establish ourselves as Godly people helping others.  Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum was the closest I have seen to this in some time and that is why I felt he should be the president as he leads by his example.  Nonetheless, I respect his decision to tend to his daughter and put nothing ahead of his faith or his family.  Sure, a U.S. president is elected and empowered mainly to lead the secular government.  And the way I defined separation of church and state in a previous blog, the implementation of this leadership can be with our without religious influence.  Just remember, in a free-will society like America, one is free to make his or her own definition of morality.  Gangsters in the hood, crack den babies, what chance do they have to get it right?  They do have one chance.  Only religious morays provide constants in defining the ethics we are all supposed to have.  Alas, Santorum got it right about making government less secular.  Through this channel, we can become moral, caring for our fellow man, self-governing, and able to at least survive and hopefully prosper in a limited government society.  A people who once again represent working within opportunities is much better than depending on entitlements; entitlements that are bankrupting the nation, and with God, all things are possible.  To undertake success as a journey, not a destination, and to make America the closest thing to the Promise Land on Earth.

On the one-hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, let’s reflect on those lost, but let’s also get back to Noah’s Ark and understand that God is always in charge.


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