The 7 Train–Looking Ahead

It looks like a foregone conclusion that the 2012 presidential election in November will be Romney vs. Obama.  I am also willing to wager Marco Rubio, the charismatic Hispanic Senator from the state of Florida will be on the ticket as the veep.  I will do a blog article on the Connecticut primary after April 24 for the sake of completeness in my home state; especially if it runs concurrently with a senatorial primary between Christopher Shays and Linda McMahon.  I will report on anything dramatic in the Romney vs. Obama race.  But until after the conventions and the campaign reaches its pinnacle, especially debates, The 7 Train will shift its focus to blog articles demonstrating my views on how to resurrect the American Dream with a fair share of baseball interludes as well.

I hope I was able to convince a fair handful of people that limited government is becoming a Hobson’s choice with the alternative being national bankruptcy.  Therefore it is better to face some sacrifice now, than losing everything later.  I have stated America cannot rebuild on stumps and mud.  We cut down the trees that represent the entitlements of big government leaning heavily on the electrical wires that power America, but we replace them with younger, slenderer trees that represent privatization of the most vital services that can be privatized and with opportunities with much better ROI than entitlements ever could provide, even when The New Deal was in its infancy.

With patio furniture season peaking in April, May, and June, I will be on a six day work week now through the fourth of July, which will result in less frequent updates on this blog.  But I will continue to provide at least one new item a week and I thank all of you for your support.


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