Fat Lady, Tune those Chords

You have probably by now heard Rick Santorum dropped out of the race—mainly due to his young daughter’s unfortunate illness.  This means we do not have the true Ronald Reagan conservative in the race; and I still believe it [was] Santorum, not Romney best suited to defeat Barrack Obama in November.  But this is not an occasion, to be melancholy.  Although I would have liked to have voted for him in the Connecticut primary and see how he would fair in his home state of Pennsylvania, I would actually be disappointed if he didn’t.  What I admire most about Rick Santorum besides from being the real package politically with respect to compassionate conservatism and limited government, he puts nothing, not even running for the nation’s highest office, ahead of his faith and his family.  He dropped out of the race for the right reason—God called him to his daughter’s and his family’s side.

As far as Scott Schoenhaus and The 7 Train are concerned, when I blogged about endorsing Santorum, I did subhead in smaller font italics, but will endorse the ultimate Republican nominee.  It appears now that man is Mitt Romney.  Albeit I will have differences with him on issues like abortion, 25% corporate tax rate, and his progressive tax structure versus the Flat Tax I spoke of on my inaugural blog last November, the people spoke out and God delegated Santorum a higher mission with respect to the needs of his family.  I also want to note that I am not a huge proponent of Bull-Moose candidates.  In 1908, President Teddy Roosevelt decided not to run for re-election and endorse his vice president William Howard Taft, who got elected that year.  Taft turned out to be a below average president and Teddy tried and failed to win the nomination in 1912, so he created the Bull-Moose party and ran as a third party candidate.  The result was the Republican vote was split up the middle and a schoolmaster and former governor from New Jersey  named Woodrow Wilson got elected with less than 50% of the popular vote.  A vote for a conservative alternative Bull-Mooser would indirectly be a vote for Obama.

I attempted to write a campaign jingle for Rick Santorum based on the Oscar Brand tune in 1920, Warren Harding, you’re the Man for Us and was thinking about releasing it on The 7 Train if and when Santorum was nominated.  With the inevitability he will not be, I will now place one final tribute to Rick Santorum by divulging the lyrics I conjured up:

We need someone to guide us
Who’ll always stand beside us,
Someone who is a fighter through and through.
Who will make the White House lawn
A shrine to God at dusk and dawn–
And Rick Santorum, we selected you.

So it’s Santorum, lead the G.O.P.
Santorum onto victory
We’re here to make a fuss,
Rick Santorum, you’re the man for us.

We’ll always know to find you
Father, Son, and Ghost behind you,
And Jesus never fails, you must agree.
So use proper decorum
And vote for Rick Santorum—
Send a man of God to Washington, D.C.

So it’s Santorum, lead the G.O.P.
Santorum onto victory
We’re here to make a fuss,
Rick Santorum, you.re the man for us:
Rick Santorum, you’re the man for us.

God bless.


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