Bottom of the 9th

It’s the bottom of the ninth and Rick Santorum needs a walk off grand slam home run.  Well, the bases are loaded, maybe one out, but Mitt Romney has brought in his closer from the bullpen.

To give credit where credit is due, chalk up a splendid triple header victory for Mitt Romney taking Wisconsin, Maryland, and D.C.  Mitt is more than half way to 1144, but there have been many a race decided on Super Tuesday.

Rick Santorum’s power message was not to repeat 1976, where Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan went to the convention contested.  The more moderate Ford, a relic of Nixon and Watergate very fresh in the minds of Americans, took the nomination over the true conservative Ronald Reagan.  A peanut farmer from Georgia won the election and ended his presidency with a hostage crisis in Iran he could not resolve.  For all of the twentieth century to the present, 1980 was the only time a Republican defeated an incumbent Democrat.  Ronald Reagan turned out to be the greatest president of the last sixty years and one of the greatest in the history of this country responsible for the fall of Communism in the world.

Rick Santorum can still pull off depriving Romney of the 1144 and force a contested and possibly brokered convention, but we must work very hard to achieve this.  April 24 is both my home state (Connecticut) and his home state (Pennsylvania).  If you can’t win in your home state, it’s over.  This may be our last chance to have a choice.  Let’s get the true conservative  nominated.  Let’s show up at the primary on April 24 and cast our vote for Rick Santorum.

Mitt Romney claims he is the Opportunity Zone and Limited Government candidate, yet his track record shows the opposite.  Rick Santorum is that candidate.  Government getting out of the way is how opportunities are created and the architect of Obamacare cannot with credibility repeal it no matter what he promises.  The stark contrasting conservative is the way this election will be won for the G.O.P.

The good news is there are a lot of delegates at stake in Texas with a primary in May.  Winnable for Santorum, but only if he wins in his home state first.  The highest priority for primary voters is the ability to defeat Barrack Obama.  A Republican similar to Obama is at best going to have a hard time doing that.  Rick Santorum can defeat Barrack Obama in a liberal vs. conservative referendum in the general election.  Get out and vote.  Vote for the Godly Rick Santorum!  Let’s hit a walk off grand slam home run in the bottom of the ninth!



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