Candidates Invade America’s Dairyland

While Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Wisconsin hold primaries this coming Tuesday, April 3rd, all candidates choose to campaign hard in that mid-western state that puts America’s Dairyland on their license plates.  Mitt Romney predicted to win with 40%, Rick Santorum can still get about 33%.

It is unfortunate that arch conservatives and conservative groups are endorsing the liberal Romney over the real conservative Santorum, who I believe America really needs.  Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a prestigious Hispanic, is supporting Romney—I believe he is vying for the Veep and believes Romney will win the nomination and is the best candidate to beat Obama, making him the first Hispanic American to achieve second fiddle.  Fellow Santorum supporters, it is very important we get our message out ASAP!

I have reiterated on several blogs now, it is Santorum, not Romney that is best suited to defeat Barrack Obama in November.  Two liberals, liberal Americans stay with the liberal establishment.  A liberal versus a conservative, the election becomes a referendum on liberal versus conservative politics.  In such an election, we can sell compassionate conservatism as a necessity and even moderate liberals, and certainly swing voters, will see it that way and vote for Rick Santorum.  Rick Santorum is the only candidate I can remember who used the last debate to admit his mistakes such as The Bridge to Nowhere, and it cost him the debate (won by Romney).

Wisconsin is typically a swing state and it is very important Santorum get his message out there.  Mitt Romney is shifting his campaign strategy from primary to general election mode, talking like he is already the nominee.  Pundits say the others should step aside.  Gingrich and Paul are done as far as I am concerned.  But mathematically, Rick Santorum can still prevent Romney from achieving 1144; but the clock is ticking.  Newt Gingrich, running out of money, says he will asses after the final primary in Utah in June and if Romney is far enough ahead, will give Mitt his support and if all his delegates align with Romney, he could go over 1144 on that.  This is why Santorum needs a strong 11th hour or as Harry Truman dubbed a Whistle Stop campaign.

Not that you can compare primaries with general elections, but after the newspapers printed Dewey Defeats Truman in 1948 and Dewey went to bed sure he was president and woke up not the president, the post-mortem analysis confirmed Dewey was way ahead in late September and just stopped campaigning.  Truman’s whistle stopping got the job done.  Rick Santorum can make that happen.

I want to share with you and anecdote Rick Santorum talked about on a video link I got from his campaign web site.  He had a letter in his pocket and went door to door.  He stopped to chat with an old man who died five days after the visit.  But before the man hit the sky, as it were, told everyone he knew to vote for Mr. Santorum.  The letter in his pocket was from a young lady who later told Santorum that the elderly gentleman was her grandfather.  This is the reward of Godliness achieved through the Lord’s blessings when good is achieved by a Godly, saved, individual.  This is why Rick Santorum should be our next president—he is a Godly man who will bring God back to America.  The odds are against America solving many of its problems such as balancing the federal budget, but as it says in scripture, …but with God, all things are possible.  In the honesty department, you have Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman (I give credit where credit is due), Ronald Reagan, and Rick Santorum.  Our last chance to have a choice is coming.  Vote Santorum now!


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