Is Obamacare Unconstitutional?

I believe it is.  And I am not just saying that because I am a Republican conservative.  Liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, the Constitution is the bottom line.

According to Mr. Petrash who reports on out of Wichita Falls, Texas:

                Is forcing people to purchase health insurance unconstitutional? Yes. If allowed, it will      prove to be a major intrusion into our lives, an intrusion on our freedom of choice from now on. I agree with a Washington Examiner article that stated “Congress would have the power to impose economic mandates on Americans whenever it deems it convenient to regulate the national economy”. It’s a very dangerous road. Where does    it stop? It won’t; it opens Pandora’s box! That’s why it doesn’t need to start.

It is just plum unfair to fine people for not having insurance.  Sure, you have to be plum loco to not want to be insured health-wise, but this IS a free country, and we don’t employ mandates to solve the problem.  Besides, why should the common Joe pay a fine for not being insured?  That’s ludicrous!  If you foster any acceptable mandate, fine the employer for not offering a medical plan; there are always so called base plans that cover catastrophic situations for those who cannot afford anything else.  This element of unfairness clearly indicates unconstitutionality.

The way to reform in a limited government society, such a society we must create to achieve a balanced budget, is through statute law.  I do believe if you have to change insurance, your new insurance company should not be allowed to reject remuneration due to a preexisting condition.  Simple solution: have one house of Congress draw up a bill for a proposed federal statute that states Medical insurance providers must not refuse remuneration on any preexisting condition.  Have at least 218 congressmen and at least 51 senators vote aye on the bill, and have the president sign it into law.  This law need be enforced by Law Enforcement; absolutely no need to create a new government agency to do the work of law enforcement.

As far as making private insurance affordable to all, Rick Santorum’s proposed Health Insurance Savings Accounts are both effective and reasonable.  They would be interest-bearing accounts and the interest will offset rate increases.  Rick Santorum is an innovator in creating a limited government society and determining alternate channel private sector solutions so that so called third rail services historically provided by the government can sustain albeit many will ultimately be redirected to the private sector.  This is why Scott Schoenhaus of The 7 Train elected to endorse Mr. Santorum.  I hope he can stick it out and win the nomination; most-likely in a contested and possibly brokered convention.


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