Opening Day

I have been a baseball fan since 1968—a fan of the New York Mets one year before the miracle year in 69—and I lived through the 86 championship and the Doc and Darryl era of the Mets.

It will not be a good year for the Mets as it looked like the Madoff scandal would get the best of the Wilpons and they would lose the financial wherewithal to run the team.  They were unable to increase payroll to put a better team on the field.  Now they may recover but it will take 3-4 years to get caught up before any bold player moves to build a contender.

I was very curious why the season would be extended to Wednesday, October 3rd when September 30th falls on a Sunday and there is such concern for keeping the World Series inside the boundaries of October.  Now I know it is because they decided the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners would open the season in Japan, so they are playing March 28-29 then taking a break until everyone else opens around April 5th.  Why?  There is no benefit and no significant television revenue when first pitch is at 6 A.M. Eastern Time.

Now that you have a ball club in Washington, D.C., bring back the tradition of the old Washington Senators to the Nationals and have them open a day before everyone else with the president throwing out the first pitch.  This is the kind of tradition that is good for baseball and good for America.

My favorite urban flowers, baseball box scores, will soon be in bloom.  In spite of the shape of the New York Mets, I will make two pilgrimages to Citi Field and just enjoy myself watching the national pastime.  Hope to see you at the ballpark!



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