In Re: Treyvon Martin

In cases like this I don’t usually take a side.  There are usually circumstances.  I would never support any resurrection of the medieval Jim Crow South; just keep in mind either the majority or the minority race can be in the wrong.  In fact, both parties can be in the wrong.

This Hold Your Ground law strikes me as a law that was passed with different ulterior motives, such as legitimizing racial profiling among citizens.  The fundamental principle of self-defense has been part of the codification of American criminal law since the inception of the Constitution in 1789, specific statutes stating the fundamental principles or attempting to augment them is somewhat redundant.  Redundant law-making is a tactic often used to justify something like racial profiling, discrimination segregation, and the promotion of white supremacy among bigots who just won’t change.

The bottom line: an armed man shot an unarmed man.  That’s it, period!  It would be wrong if both men were white.  It would be wrong if both men were African American.  It would have been wrong if the African American was armed and the white man was not.  All self-defense laws are written such that exoneration of murder charges can be granted under certain circumstances if and only if neither party is at a disadvantage.  In the case of two unarmed men, both men with knives, or both men with guns.  Never has any law been passed that allow an armed man to shot an unarmed man and be exonerated on the grounds of self-defense.  In fact, during nineteenth century America, during western expansion, when the only codified law regarding fire arms was the Second Amendment, you were hanged for shooting an unarmed man.

George Zimmerman was totally in the wrong.  Treyvon Martin was unarmed.  We will never know if Martin intended to harm Zimmerman, but I find it hard to believe Zimmerman would chance the consequences of shooting an unarmed man over simple burglary or harassment.  We can never prove beyond a shadow of a doubt Zimmerman pursued Martin, but there is no other logical reason to take that calculated risk with a pistol and an unarmed man.  Martin’s color had something to do with it and odds are Zimmerman did not stand his ground but aggressively went after Martin because of Martin’s color.  If an African American had shot a white man instead, the enforcement and interpretation of the Stand Your Ground law would have been very different; the African American would have been arrested for first degree murder.

My thoughts and prayers are 100% with the family of Treyvon Martin.  This should never happen in the twenty-first century.  Regular editions on by blog The 7 Train talk about how to resurrect the American Dream for the twenty-first century by replacing entitlements with opportunities.  Let me make one thing perfectly clear, these opportunities, once created must be available to people of all races, creeds, and religions.  There is absolutely no room for bigotry and hatred in my vision of the American Dream which I hope someday will be universally adapted.  When I am critical of President Obama, it is strictly his political views which differ from mine.  Politics removed, Barrack Obama is as decent a person as they come.  He is a phenomenal family man who puts his family ahead of even his stature as president of the United States, which is God’s will.  He is a credit not only to his own race, but to the human race.  Mr. and Mrs. Martin, you have my sympathy and condolences.


Scott Schoenhaus
The 7 Train


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