God is in the House

Another splendid Southern victory for Rick Santorum, that son of a coal miner from Western Pennsylvania who is the real conservative alternative in the race, in spite of the fact that Mitt Romney was leading by 43% at 5:00 PM Eastern Time today.  God must understand that Romney, basically a nice guy, just cannot get the job done with his moderate liberalism, his support for abortion rights of which God looks down upon, and with his wealth is a member of the aristocracy.  Rick Santorum is a nice family man, very Godly, will govern with God’s principles in mind, and has universal appeal to both the ninety-nine and the one percent.

The two keys are (1) it is not realistic to catch Romney and take over first place; the mathematics say otherwise; the goal is to deprive Mitt of 1144 and then cause a contested and possibly brokered convention.  (2) The majority of Republicans believed (some still believe) Mitt Romney was the best candidate to beat Obama in the general in November; they now realize they made a mistake; possibly too late.  But the contested or brokered convention gives everyone another chance to realize the faux-pas and the open delegation would most-likely go for Rick Santorum as he is now the candidate most likely to beat Obama creating a true referendum on liberal vs. conservative politics.

Even moderate liberals, who would prefer to support Obama and Obamacare are starting to realize the bottom line is America cannot afford it with its multi-trillion dollar debt and neither the ninety-nine nor the one percent can afford to pay off the debt on tax money alone.  Sensible spending cuts, limited government, are the Hobson’s choices.  For us conservatives, it is a victory as we will get government off the backs of both the ninety-nine and the one percent and replace the entitlements with opportunities so anyone who works hard can overcome adversity and live the American Dream.  For moderate liberals, it is that Buckley’s Cough Mixture, that awful tasting medicine America has to take.  If those moderates are going to eat the crow and cross party lines on November 3rd, why would they replace one tax and spend liberal with another?  Rick Santorum is the conservative that is one of them, one of us, the most universally appealing presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.  And the most honest, too.  Elect Rick Santorum, you know what you are getting, not guessing if you elect Mitt which Mitt would govern from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  All good Americans are coming to the aid of their party, the party governed by God, the party called Mankind!


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