The American Dream and a Personal Message to You

With nothing new to report on the Republican primaries at this time, I thought I would say a few words about the direction America needs to go once our new leadership is voted in.  With three branches of government and two rival political parties, exactly the way our Founding Fathers wanted it, it is imperative that we create a vision that exceeds what we want to achieve, not just meet, because everyone always gets less than what one seeks.  Furthermore, the federal budget must be balanced first, or at least a debt as close to zero as humanly possible.

Self-governing people: Since limited government is absolutely imperative for a balance budget, we must get used to living in Limited Government America.  The word self-governing appears on several pages of The Federalist Papers, written by Founding Fathers Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, this document formed the foundation of our Constitution in effect since 1789.   To be self-governing, obviously you must be person who desires and worships all freedoms that separate America from the rest of the world and not just accept, but become a steward of the responsibilities that accompany the freedoms.  Start with the Ten Commandments, which belong a post offices, public libraries, and public school buildings as they used to be.  But we must take it to the next level.  We cannot count on government services like Social Security anymore.  I would never take away from those who have no other means of support, it is too late for some of the elderly and it was never possible for those severely disabled.  But we must raise the next and future generations that it is not an entitlement for them and they must take it upon themselves to save enough money for their retirement days.  The role of a limited government is to provide the opportunities in place of the entitlements and allow them to overcome adversities such as poverty, single parenthood, and the like, acquire wealth, and live the American Dream.

Education: Education will play a bigger role than ever with respect to increased financial and other success in a limited government society.  With technology and other factors that separate the twenty-first century from the twentieth, education is necessary to be self-governing.  I would be preaching to the choir to tell you how badly the traditional K – 12 public school education needs to be repaired, but it must also go beyond that, operations in a self-governing, limited government society must be worked into the curriculum.  The catch-22 with education is it is cost-prohibited for local, state, and the federal government.  As I have preached in several past blogs, the one bridge open is the private sector.  Education should be outsourced to private sector companies who have a vested interest in young people being proper educated to be their future employees, as well as owners of their future outsourced small businesses.  I know the first thing you naysayers are thinking, they tried it in Hartford, Connecticut and it failed.  I am aware of that; it was a big time failure.  But remember, Thomas Edison had over ten-thousand failed experiments while he was inventing the incandescent light bulb.  How would you feel if he gave up after 7,692?  It has to be tried again, and tweaked, and eventually a private sector education plan will work.  Since when does America give up after one failure?  The corporations who take on the endeavor would be rewarded by reduced corporate taxes.

Small Business Friendliness: As we get toward the middle of the twenty-first century, more people will be small-business owners than employees.  They will go to college, get that sheepskin, but instead of applying for high-paying jobs, they will doing what they went to school for in their own small businesses.  Many of those who opt for science and technology will be looking to be outsourcees for larger corporations and possibly government contracts.  In order to achieve this, government needs to clear the way and offer incentives for young college graduates not born with a silver spoon to start their own small businesses.  And it is not just monetary incentives.  In my home state of Connecticut, they will most-likely pass legislation to open liquor stores, one of the Nutmeg State’s last vestiges of small-business dominance, on Sundays between 10 AM and 5 PM.  Many cannot afford to hire employees at this time and the owners will be forced to work seven days a week to compete and have no life—that is not the American Dream.  I would go the other direction; I would resurrect Blue Laws from the bygone era.  Supermarkets and other food sellers may have to be the exception because even if they don’t open, they do need to bring in stock boys to rotate stock to ensure we are eating fresh food.  But Kohl’s Department Store, Best Buy Computers, Home Depot, and Al’s Liquor Warehouse would all be closed on Sunday and the day would be reserved for family the way God intended it to be.

Currency: Coping with inflation will become easier for two reasons.  First of all, only straight inflation, not stagflation would ever rear its ugly head.  With drastically reduced government provisions, unemployment up and wages down, prices would have to come down—it is when government continues to put money in the pockets of the unemployed that eliminates the urgency to reduce prices.  Also, with the hybridization of our currency from 100% federal reserve to 60% federal reserve and 40% gold certificate, a dollar will be worth a dollar and price to wage ratios will be much closer to one all the time.

Faith-Based and Purpose Driven: We must bring God back to America, moreover, bring America back to God.  We all have a purpose, and our purposes are not about ourselves.  We serve God first, glorify him, and he rewards us through his blessings with the time, money, and people in our lives to make us happy.  This means we must be hard-working, since faith without works is dead.  This means we must never put anything above God, then Family, then Country; everything else below the above three.  Ever heard the expression: find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life?  Be careful.  If you love your job too much and you start loving it more than your family and would rather be at work than spending time with the ones you love and who love you, you are parting ways with God’s will.  No one should have to work a job you hate and be miserable, just don’t let it get to you—don’t learn to prefer it over family time.  Remember, first God, then Family, then Country, then everything else.

I hope I can give you more in the near future.  Together, we can revive the American Dream.


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