Staying Alive

Mitt Romney wins Illinois with significant numbers, but our comeback kid from Western PA is staying alive.  It ain’t over till its over—words of wisdom from the great Yogi Berra.  The opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings.  Disco diva, opera buff, or baseball fan (me), Rick Santorum can still pull it off.

CNN claims the math indicates Mitt Romney will hit the magic number 1144 and be the nominee.  My math leads me to at least a contested and possibly a brokered convention.  Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich should call it quits and Romney and Santorum should duke it out one on one from here.  If either or both quit and released their delegates, there is no certainty as to which candidate they would back.  Pundits say Gingrich, if he decided to exit soon, would do so but not release his delegates until the convention in Tampa in hopes of a brokered convention.

The more I think about it, the more I see people believing that Santorum, not Romney is the candidate best suited to beat Barrack Obama by making the election a clear cut referendum on liberal versus conservative political views.  The question is did the people, especially registered Republicans across the nation realize this too late.  A collogue of mine in the I.T. department at work claims if we just put our faith in God…This is Mr. Santorum’s greatest asset as a presidential candidate, he is the most Godly man to run for president since Ronald Reagan, and about as honest as a politician can be and still function in politics.  If he could just hang in there until April 24 and come to Connecticut for a rally beforehand…I can envision Nutmeg Staters selecting Santorum in the primary.  Connecticut has been a Blue State for a while (Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Obama), but the Republican base is a conservative base as the Gold Coast (Southern Fairfield County) fosters a lot of the wealthiest in the country.  Romney is one of them in the purse-strings department, but Santorum is more in line with their philosophy.  And limited government becoming more and more of a Hobson’s choice, he can pull it off here in CT.

Though it is a pipe dream to imagine Santorum passing Romney in the delegate count, I really believe Rick can deprive Mitt of the 1144.  That should be the strategy now.  Keep the faith and remember who the real conservative is.  Louisiana on Saturday, Dixie has been good to Rick.


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