The Comeback Kid

Rick Santorum is The Comeback Kid pulling it off two upsets in Alabama and Mississippi.  He will not get all the delegates as neither state is winner take all, but he has the bragging rights which will have an impact on how other states with upcoming primaries and caucuses will vote; mainly because he is seen as someone who can win.  Most-likely, he will not take over first place, but will deprive Mitt Romney of the 1144—let the games begin in Tampa.  Furthermore, if Newt Gingrich drops out, who will get his delegates?

There are two key factions in the Republican Party participating in the nomination process.  There are the Grass Roots Republicans who vote close to their hearts with moderates going for Romney, the conservative base going for Santorum, and a few for Gingrich and Paul here and there.  Then there are the Strategic Republicans who are voting not on their personal degree of conservatism, as it were, but who they think is best equipped to beat Barrack Obama.  I believe the Strategic Republicans are beginning to see the light and realize they initially got it wrong.  While they believed Mitt Romney to be most-likely to beat Obama, reality is setting in that the lack of contrast in political philosophy between Obama and Romney will sway the masses towards sticking with Obama as the race between the populist versus the aristocrat.  Romney is too wealthy for the so called ninety-nine percent.  Rick Santorum is the real conservative alternative; a sharp contrast to Obama’s socialism.  Mr. Santorum’s resiliency stems from the fact that with respect to the populist versus aristocrat continuum, he is the most all-purpose candidate in the race.  Anyone who wants to get elected president of the United States needs votes from both the ninety-nine and the one percent; the ninety-nine make up most of the population and the one percent are best equipped to employ the ninety-nine—a limited government environment is most conducive to 100% of America working like a well-oiled machine with that respect.  I also believe people are coming together on family values and want God to be part of their lives on their own personal recovery.  Keep the momentum!



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