Super Tuesday Past–Romney Steam Roller in Lead but Stymied

Although I want to see Rick Santorum make it, even I believed Super Tuesday would ice it for Mitt Romney with 437 delegates at stake.  He took six primaries, but Santorum’s victories in Oklahoma, Tennessee, and North Dakota gave him enough delegates to put him in triple figures making a two man race after Super Tuesday with two primaries coming up in the Evangelical Belt.  Probably his chances of catching Mitt are about the same as the 2012 Yankees finishing below .500, Santorum is alive and well for a “back-end” victory.

Like I mentioned in the past, these are not baseball standings where the first place team can finish 82-80 and if the rest of the division is under .500, welcome to the postseason.  Even if you finish in first place, you still need 1,144 delegates to be assured the nomination at the convention.  Santorum may not catch Romney, but he can keep him from the magic number; resulting in a brokered convention where delegates are not bound to primary winner in respective states.  All Rick has to do is exercise prudent spending and not run out of money and be forced to drop out before convention day, “the Opry ain’t over till the fat lady sings!”

As Ohio goes, so goes the nation, so they say.  Romney took Ohio by the seat of his pants with the end result 38% for Romney and 37% for Santorum.  Close enough to split these delegates 50-50; unfortunately Mr. Santorum did not file in all counties and therefore those respective delegates went to Romney by default.  But in a brokered convention, the mood of the nation on convention day is what counts the most.  If the convention is opened and brokered, Sarah Palin mentioned if her name was called, she would not refuse to serve.  I mentioned None of the Above is a real possibility albeit is was mainly referring to someone getting in the race before their states’ primary deadlines, if no one I mentioned in that article gets in, odds are it will be between Romney, Santorum, and the states’ midnight selected Power Brokers.

Yeah, this could get interesting!


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