Here Comes Super Tuesday

Romney wins in Arizona, a winner take all state, all twenty-nine delegates.  In Mitt’s home state of Michigan, Romney ekes out a 41% to 38% victory over Rick Santorum, but since it was so close and since delegate distribution in Michigan goes by congressional district, Romney and Santorum split the delegation, each taking fifteen out of thirty.

Tuesday, March 6 is the day that will set the pace for the rest of the race to 1144.  437 delegates are at steak with primaries in Georgia (Newt Gingrich’s home state), Massachusetts (Mitt’s adopted home state), Ohio (more often than not, as Ohio goes, so goes the nation), Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia, and caucuses in Alaska, Idaho, and North Dakota.

The two most-likely scenarios are (1) Mitt Romney all but ices the nomination, or (2) Rick Santorum has enough of an impact to make a brokered convention probable.  Each of their track records indicate the one without the target on his back performs better, both in debates and in primary results.  Santorum represents the more conservative, just left of reactionary end of the spectrum, but he is more of a family values man and does relate well to the middle class.  Romney’s policies, more moderate and bordering on semi-progressive, in theory would appeal more to the struggling middle class not ready yet to give up their entitlements.  But if Romney were elected president, he would be the wealthiest in the history of this country—this gives the middle class some reservation as to whether he can relate to them.   The average voter, when selecting a president will judge more on character than on politics; not as much the case for congressional, state, and local offices.  If the average middle class Joe or Jane met both Mr. Romney and Mr. Santorum at a roadside eatery in town, though many would side with Romney politically, would see Santorum more as one of them.  This is a not a criticism of the American character, but rather a compliment.  Anyone can promise anything.  But the question is Who can you trust?  Regardless whether you are Tea Party or reactionary, Republican establishment conservative, moderate conservative, centrist, or even a slight liberal, I believe wholeheartedly that the Santorum package is the WYSIWYG package (what you see is what you get).  The Romney package has greater potential to say or promise one thing to voters and if elected, do another.  We want what is best for America, but as voters not holding any office, we vote for people, not bills.  Keep this in mind when you choose!



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