If it Ain’t Broke…

Over the past twenty some odd years, we have experienced government shutdowns and have seen many areas of war between the two political parties.  No one wants to reach across the aisle and create a bipartisan solution, and even the rare occasion when they do, bipartisan solutions are not always any more effective than one party winning over the other.  While the occupiers protest and the class warfare between the ninety-nine and the one metastasizes, the folks in Washington are beyond the one, but the one-tenth of one; huge salaries, health insurance benefits better than either the government or private carriers provide for the masses, and insider stock trading information.  So how do we fix it?  Well, it cannot be fixed until it is actually broken.

OK, I agree with most of you about the cast of characters and their ethics.  The fix for that is to exercise your right to vote and vote in different people.  To maintain your political philosophy, vote in primaries in your own party as well as general elections.  But the system is not really broken.  The concept of gridlock is actually supposed to be the norm, the Federalist Papers explain the federal government is not supposed to do very much.  Many past generations understood this until Franklin Roosevelt got elected and New Deal legislation got past as though the congressional process was a dynamo; and generations to follow got accustom to expect it.  If gridlock is the norm, the federal system is not broken.

Our Founding Fathers wanted us to be a self-governing people; by being self-governing, there would be no need for supermen in government; this equalizer would minimize (not eliminate) corruption in government and allow us to isolate it and railroad out the bad guys in a timely fashion—because John Locke said power will inevitably corrupt.  Self-governing is defined as Exercising control or rule over oneself or itself, in other words autonomous.  A self-governing society allows us to not overpower our representatives.  The way America evolved two-hundred and thirty some odd years later with respect to technology and becoming an anchor in a world economy, a self-governing society has to be a highly educated society—that’s what’s broken.

Our educational system needs to be fixed, and this requires recalling it, returning it to the dealership to have the original defect repaired, then looking at what it was before it declined.  The defect goes all the way back to America’s one and only birth defect as a nation—slavery.  The tolerance of slavery from the birth of our nation to the end of the Civil War and the thirteenth amendment taught future generations through the 1950s to discriminate, resulting in and education system that provided Americans with among the highest quality education in the world, but we did not open it to all Americans.   Then we did the right thing, we passed Civil Rights legislation in the 1960s and opened our school system to all, but we watered it down, lowering quality, standards, and what should be taught.  The New Deal entitlements established in the 1930s detracted even more from valuing our education as it was perceived most Americans would end up in the entitlements anyway.  We became not educated enough to be self-governing.  We must reestablish ourselves as a self-governing people.  This means we must do two things: (1) we must create an education system that of the quality of early America to about 1956 and open to all, and (2) we must reestablish ourselves as an opportunity nation and create the opportunities, reducing the entitlements.  To do this, we must limit the role of government so both the education system and the opportunities can be created affordability.  By making alternative choices very limited, taking one’s education for granted will not be an option for survival and the opportunities will be the only alternative to hand-to-mouth living.


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