Super Bowl Sunday

Interesting vantage point here in Oxford, Connecticut with a New York/New England Super Bowl; technically Connecticut is the southernmost New England state.  But I used to live in Norwalk, in Fairfield County, which is part of the New York metropolitan area and while I notice more of a New England lifestyle up here, Fairfield County was more of an extension of New York and is inhabited by many transplanted New Yorkers and commuters who work in the  city.  I will root for the Giants because after living in Norwalk for forty-five years, I consider myself a New Yorker at heart although (1) I am more of a baseball fan than a football fan and the New York Mets are the sports team that means the most to me, and (2) the football Giants are not really a New York team, but a New Jersey team, albeit in the late 1990s they resurrected the NY logo on the helmets.  I also give Eli and the Giants a slight edge over Tom and the Pats.

As a side note, let’s change the name of the Super Bowl to the Supper Bowl; not since the early 1970s has it been played in mid-afternoon, kickoff is right around supper time.


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