Death Penalty (CT)

I am a staunch supporter of the death penalty.  My home state of Connecticut has it and has just used it on the two murderers who committed the Cheshire Home Invasion of the Pettit family in 2007, leaving the mother and the two daughters dead; Stephen Hayes two years ago, and the other culprit, Joshua Komisarjevski a couple of weeks ago.  They took three lives and this is justice beyond a shadow of a doubt.  But Governor Daniel Malloy (D) wants to repeal it, making life in prison with no chance of ever being paroled the maximum sentence.  Big mistake; there is no way you are ever going to convince me Hayes and Komisarjevski deserve to live.

The argument is that the appeal process will drag out for decades and Dr. Pettit will not live to see the day they are executed.  Dr. Pettit will be involved in appeal cases for the rest of his natural life.  But the flaw is not in the death penalty, it is in the appeal process.  The technology exists to eliminate reasonable doubt enough to justify a much more abbreviated appeal process, especially in Hayes’s case where HE believed he should die for his crimes.  According to the law, that is the DEFINITION of insanity and therefore must go through the process.  As for reasonable doubt, if there were any, [they] would never have been convicted in the first place.

Although the death penalty will not eliminate murder from the face of the earth, I can assure you there will be a lot more murders without a death penalty.  It will never deter all, but it will deter most.   It even plays in a role in the more borderline cases where maybe death is too harsh.  If you have a death penalty, you can plea bargain for life in prison with no chance of parole.  Without a death penalty, you lose you margin of plea bargain and there is high probability a killer will live to get out of jail and kill again.  Remember the Willie Horton furlough in Boston in 1992 that played a huge role in costing Michael Dukakis (D) the presidential election that year?  Not that I wanted him as president, but even liberals took notice.

We need a death penalty with only one allowable appeal that takes place within a year of the sentencing and a quick execution if the appeal is denied.  Even the murderers would prefer quick execution than having their miserable lives prolonged in a 2 X 2 cage with twenty-three hours a day with one exercise hour.  Governor Malloy, I beg you, for the love of God, please back off your mission to repeal Connecticut’s death penalty



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