The Moon? Again?

I was watching the Florida debate last night (January 26) which for the most part a Gingrich-Romney showdown with Ron Paul providing the humor and Rick Santorum still providing a conservative solution America could work with. But the highlight of the debate was when the issue of the space program arose and the talk about a moon colony. Those of you born after 1964 won’t remember, in the summer of 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren set foot on the moon during the Apollo-11 mission. Five more Apollo moon missions would follow. I was there, I was seven years old (born 1962) and I stayed up late to watch Neil Armstrong say “One small step for me, one giant step for mankind” and set foot on the moon’s surface. The summer of sixty-nine was good for me, the Mets won the World Series and men walked on the moon. Fellow Americans, we have been to the moon. We have learned just about all there is to know about the moon, more than just it is not made of green cheese (HA HA HA)! We have a $14-Trillion deficit to pay off and the last thing we need to do is go deeper in debt to repeat 1969. I fully understand the debate and upcoming primary is in the Sunshine State FLA, the home of Cape Canaveral, and where NASA is big business. But we cannot afford this. Before the year 2050, we shall see a manned mission to Mars. But first, we must pay down the debt, and by then, NASA, destined to be the Amtrak of outer space travel, will step aside and a private sector company will take over the space program via a government contract creating, you guessed it, private sector jobs!


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