And the Race Goes On

Rick Santorum wins Iowa, after the fact.  Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire.  And Newt Gingrich wins in South Carolina.  An unprecedented turn of events where three different candidates win the first three kickoff primaries, the Romney express is not derailed but obstructions on the tracks have appeared.

What surprised me the most is Evangelicals in South Carolina choosing Gingrich over Santorum.  One thing I like about Rick Santorum is his Godliness and family values profile.  Even Independents and moderate Democrats admit he is trustworthy.  Gingrich has baggage and has not lived the Godliest life, and yet he was religion’s choice.  The Nikki Haley (South Carolina’s Tea Party Governor) endorsement was based on Mitt Romney being the candidate most likely to beat Barrack Obama in the general, yet the people went with Newt.

I believe it is because debate moderator John King of CNN woke a sleeping giant with the first question directed at Speaker Gingrich regarding the ABC interview of Newt’s first wife telling tales of the unholy side of the former speaker of the house.  The speaker replied that he was “shocked and appalled” that [CNN] would begin a presidential debate that way, and lambasted the liberal media for defending the Democrats and President Barrack Obama.

The bottom line is we go to the Sunshine State (FLA) with a three man race (and Ron Paul still in the shadow).  Will Floridian Evangelicals follow in the footsteps of their Carolinian counterparts and go with Newt, or stick to the logical Rick Santorum?  Is the Tea Party concentration strong enough in Florida to outnumber transplanted New Yorkers who tend to be more liberal and would choose Mitt?  Has Newt equaled or surpassed Mitt in terms of Obama Beatability?  Well folks, the race goes on!



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