Stop SOPA Now

SOPA stands for Stop Online Piracy Act and is intended to protect intellectual property and copyrighted material on web sites.  Advertising, search engine linkage, and IP blocks are included in the methods of enforcement.

I stand with the Republican candidates for president and ALG (Americans for Limited Government) on this all the way.  SOPA and its sister act PIPA (Protect I.P. Act—all web sites have an internal address on the internet called the IP) are serious infringements to our First Amendment rights, in particular Free Speech.

The Internet is a public place and when one chooses to use the Internet as one’s media to transmit information, there is an understanding that one wants to be heard in the public domain.  Sure, we are not perfect.  Some things should not be online, such as pornography and cyber bullying, but restricting free speech is not the answer; this is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  A federal statute requiring such sites to be password protected will suffice and concerned parents of small children should set their content advisor accordingly.

One of my readers in Toronto is very concerned about cyber bullying and I still stand by her cause to eliminate it.  But not by restricting free speech.  Simply make it a crime and go after the individual and have the courts issue a cease and desist; if it continues, consider fines and jail sentences.  I am sure any victims of cyber bullying would not want their free speech restricted as they would like the opportunity to use this same media to post something and fight back at some point.

Keep disclosure on sites like Facebook to a minimum.  It is a great tool to find old friends, family members, and acquaintances, but it is not necessary to put your private info on display.


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