Why Cut the Military?

Limited government?  Yes, absolutely.  I have blogged recently how limited government is the only highway open en route to a balanced budget.  Taxpayers, both rich and middle-class are both maxed out and cannot pay more taxes to balance the budget.  Across the board cuts resulting in underfunded departments will not work either as departments that cannot do anything is an even bigger source of government waste.  Critical decisions have to be made with departments as to consolidation, and in some cases, complete elimination.  Heads up!  Defense is not the thing to cut drastically.

I suggested we take a good look at the original articles of the Constitution and review the mission and vision statements our Founding Fathers intended for the United States of America.  Though we are too sophisticated a world power to retreat back to the 1789 way of life, let us consider the military is the one thing our Founding Fathers intended the government to provide.  After winning the American Revolution, the longest war in American history prior to the Viet Nam conflict, the fathers understood the fragility of such a free system and insisted on both an army and a navy to defend our borders.  The Marines were established later and as airplane technology grew, the U.S. Army broke up the Army Air Corps after World War II and a separate Air Force was born.  During the Eisenhower years, the Department of War and the Department of the Navy were merged into one Department of Defense.  Why does President Obama want to make cuts to the one service that the federal government is required to provide constitutionally and redirect funding to social programs that are not dictated by the Constitution and most of them only serve to run up debt?

First of all, the recession is not over yet, we still have near eight percent unemployment.  It is going to cost more to lay off soldiers and put those who cannot find work on welfare and food stamps.  Especially since we have just pulled out of Iraq, but are still fighting in Afghanistan and have to keep a watchful eye on Iran as they develop nuclear capacity.  Does Mr. Obama know that the biggest plus point on his resume is the fall of Bin Laden, Mubarak, and Gadhafi, would not have been possible without the military as it is now?  No matter what you think of George W. Bush’s decision to fight a second war in Iraq, there could be different circumstances in the future that require fighting multiple wars simultaneously, or even one war on multiple fronts.  How quickly the generations forget (or do not know history) that during World War II, we had to fight both the war in Europe and the war in Japan, and would have a third front to contend with in the Soviet Union (Russia) if it were not for the fact that Hitler broke his alliance with Stalin and attacked the Soviet border; a large factor in his doom since his German forces were not prepared for a two-front war.

At some point when we are in a peaceful state where we are not fighting in any foreign lands, a slimmer, leaner military force with more technology replacing humans in combat, equal or equivalent to Obama’s vision can be achieved.  But a price will have to be paid.  If the U.S. armed forces go this route, it will be necessary to resurrect the draft.  If we are in a state of interim world peace and suddenly, one day, we get attacked, we need to increase our military forces instantaneously and you cannot recruit volunteers quickly enough.  Especially since enlisted men (and woman) traditionally start as Privates and go through the system while draftees become officers quicker since they are drafted for skills and special qualities.  Even with the technology, somebody has to program the robots and this cannot be the entire essence of the military.  Unfortunately, wars are not won or lost by the number of enemy robots are put out of service, as long as the evil people of the thug nation are still standing, they are still capable of spreading evil and if they develop nuclear weapons, are more likely to use them if no combat human beings are on the battlefronts, only robots.

If you have opposed the Iraq War and believe men and woman gave their lives for nothing (I still think the world is a better place without Sadam Hussein), at least accept the peace of mind that they were all volunteers and knew what they signed up for.  Draftees did not sign up to give their lives for naught; they do it only when our freedom is in jeopardy and it is absolutely necessary to preserve the American way of life.  That was the problem with Viet Nam and why even to conscientious objector, the Iraq War will never trump the Viet Nam Conflict of the 1960s as the most horrific display of meaningless deaths as most of them were draftees.  America, don’t let this happen to our military.


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