The Romney Express

I give congratulations where it is due.  Congratulations to Mitt Romney for being the first candidate since Jimmy Carter in the 1976 Democratic race to win in both Iowa and New Hampshire.  Although this is far from over, a powerful harbinger has been cast.  South Carolina is Saturday, January 21 and Tea Party activist and Governor Nikki Haley continues to endorse the frontrunner.  Rick Santorum can continue a spoiler role for Newt Gingrich although Newt has the finances to stay alive until his home state of Georgia has its primary—if you can’t win in your home state you can’t win anywhere.  Rick Perry’s days are numbered but his finances may allow him to stay alive until Texas votes.  Ron Paul has the momentum to hang in there.  Jon Huntsman a surprising third place finish, lucky him, he bagged Iowa and put all his eggs in that solid Granite basket.

If Governor Romney is the party’s choice, he will have to (1) carefully consider a vice presidential running mate more conservative than him, and (2) allow himself to be influenced on by the farther right majority inhabiting the GOP at this time.  Not only must he consider rethinking his views on abortion and same sex marriage, two issues that really should be removed from politics, especially in time of economic turmoil, but must not dismiss flat taxes, sensible spending cuts rather than taxing any economic class at this time, and a movement towards limited government.  Although Santorum will probably not make it past Super Tuesday, Romney will have to add God and family values as key issues in his campaign.  It would not be a bad idea for him to do what Adlai Stevenson did in 1956 where instead of picking a running mate, he let it be picked at the convention resulting in John Sparkman, his choice 52 be replaced by the vocal and charismatic Estes Kefauver; might have helped him if he were not running against a war hero; war heroes were still unbeatable in 1956.  Mitt is more than welcome to read The 7 Train.

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