Limited Government–A Hobson’s Choice

The time for debate is over.  Limited government is the only direction America can go right now other than national bankruptcy.  We must take the wisdom of Ronald Reagan and the philosophy of the twenty-first century Republican and make the necessary cuts to balance the federal budget.

The Democrats taxation plan has gone from controversial to moot—Americans cannot afford higher taxes, some unemployed, and many struggling to put food on the table or have or are about to lose the roof over their heads—there is no more blood to squeeze out of the rocks.  Definitely the ninety-nine percent, and the one percent cannot afford it either.  The operative word in one percent is one the lowest positive whole number.  There simply are not enough of them.  You would have to tax them to the point where they would be living on five figure incomes, which is throwing the baby out with the bathwater as they lose the wherewithal to hire anybody.  Not to mention, those of us in the ninety-nine aspire to join the one; this is the fundamental definition of the American Dream for which government sponsored social programs have put out of reach for most of us as we have to support these programs through taxes, and the nation’s debt grows in spite of our tax money.  Not to mention, it takes us away from our real purpose on planet earth, to glorify God.  We cannot give as much to religious institutions or charities if the taxman is getting so much.  For many of us, these federal programs have superseded  our religion and commitment to God, for all intents and purposes, they have become our new religion.

As George Will of ABC News once said (albeit in the context of aluminum baseball bats), Immortality is not a virtue with respect to what was never intended to exist in the first place.  Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal should never have happened or at least it should have been temporary while recovering from The Great Depression of the 1930s.  I know, I cannot close the Pandora’s Boxes either, I feel too much for the elderly and disabled if Social Security and Medicare were wiped off the face of the earth and they had no means of support.  If they never existed in the first place, post-depression generations including baby –boomers would have saved a lot more money in at least an old-fashioned passbook savings account if not 401Ks and other investments.  I fault no one, no human on planet earth can resist all temptation—I certainly couldn’t.  But these government programs created a sense of security we were sure about, not understanding the long-term consequences they were bankrupting America.

In the cases of Social Security and Medicare, there are two ways we can accommodate those who have no choice but to live on them.  One is to phase out gradually—unfortunately this means there would have to be a latchkey generation that pays into the system but could never collect from it themselves.  The better alternative is to privatize these services as quickly as possible.  Let a private company like Fidelity Investments or Hartford Life run Social Security and Anthem Blue Cross or US Healthcare run Medicare via government contracts, this not only saves the programs and makes them better, it also creates jobs.  A provision would be made for the Federal Government to temporarily regain control in the event the outsourcee would have financial troubles until another control can be handed over to another private company; by no longer owing it permanently, a generated budget surplus could cover the cost temporarily, just not permanent.

The time has come to limit our government, balance the budget, and revive the American Dream!


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