Correction: New Hampshire Primary is Tuesday, January 10, not March 1st.  My source was a website with outdated info as March 1st was the original plan.

Mitt Romney eked out an eight vote victory in Iowa.  The lesson to be learned is that every vote counted.  If Mitt is the nominee, I’m ok with it—he will have to conform to our conservative ways to get the endorsements.  The question is can he beat Barrack Obama?  Many experts are banking anyone can beat Obama as his effectiveness as a leader is questionable at this point, especially when it comes to the economy.  But Romney will carry a progressive liberal label even if he commits to practicing conservative policy at debates and other venues due to his history.  Swing voters will think they are choosing between two progressive liberals and turn a deaf ear to the actual rhetoric.

Let the games begin in New Hampshire.  It has come down to a Romney, Santorum showdown with Ron Paul still alive in the shadow and Newt is not ready to call it quits yet.   Rick Santorum is, for all intents and purposes, a good man.  He is banking on faith and family values getting votes from Evangelicals and others who believe the best way to solve America’s problems is to bring God back to America.  I hope so, but is that alone enough to run for President on?  Light a candle for Rick Santorum and prey for him.

Michelle Bachmann is first to drop out, but that makes her even more desirable as a Vice Presidential candidate as she is no longer fighting with the other six.  Such a move will equalize the possibility of Obama switching from Biden to Hilary Clinton.  Jon Huntsman sat out Iowa and is banking on New Hampshire.  Can he be a spoiler for someone?  Let’s see what the folks who Live Free or Die have to say.

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