CT Waits Until April 24

As we await with baited breath, the way too early January 3rd Iowa Caucus, us Nutmeg-Staters can only hope the folks in Iowa, New Hampshire, and thirty-five other states and the District of Columbia choose wisely.  How many choices will I have as a Republican by April 24th?

Many have asked me which candidate I like best and would endorse on The 7 Train.  To do this would be an exercise in futility because there may only be one name on the ballot by then.  Some candidates fall too far behind and with not enough available delegates to make a difference, some run out of money to continue their campaign, some both.  This is why is made my case that the system be changed for a nationwide primary with all fifty states and DC voting on the same day with all choices intact. 

It is unlikely Michelle Bachmann or Rick Santorum or Jon Huntsman will make the final cut.  If there are choices at all, it will most likely be Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul.  Rick Perry would be on life support, but he has the money to stay in it if he wants to.  This is in no way to insinuate Bachmann, Santorum, and Huntsman are better choices than Romney, Gingrich, and Paul, I was just hoping it would not be a Hobson’s choice by the time it gets to Connecticut.  You see, Connecticut, in spite of its wealth on Fairfield County and in those affluent coastal communities, Connecticut has been primarily a blue state in past presidential elections—Obama won in the third smallest state in the union back in aught-eight.  This means a more objective Republican comes from the New England area.  With the Evangelical Right and other such institutions not being a large part of Connecticut lifestyle, a Nutmeg Republican is most likely to make a choice based solely on rational discourse.  This is not intended to offend any Evangelical or charismatic Christian in any way, it is simply a point of fact that no thinking man or woman can avoid their sphere of influence, nor should most of them.  Nutmeg Republicans like me can make an excellent choice if we have a choice, the problem is by April 24th, and we may not.


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