The Need for a Nationwide Primary

The presidential primary system has changed the way our two major parties nominate candidates for the nation’s highest office forever.  Instead of an elite group of power brokers recruiting delegates for the parties’ respective conventions, the delegation is distributed by the voters of the respective parties in primary elections.  This was intended to achieve equality.  Did it?

The primary season opens with the Iowa caucus, followed by the New Hampshire primary, a few more before and after Super Tuesday, and by them it becomes as sportscaster Tim McCarver says, eye wash.  This year the season opens with the Iowa caucus taking place on January 3rd, the earliest in history.  My home state of Connecticut votes on Super Tuesday.  Currently, there are seven candidates vying for the Republican nomination, but no guarantee my fellow Nutmeg Staters and I will have a choice of seven as a few may run out of money or for other reasons, drop out of the race.  I don’t see equity here.

It is high time for America to take it to the next step and establish a Nationwide Primary where all fifty states vote on the same day with all candidates remaining in the race, giving the voters registered in the party a real choice.  No need for complex delegation distribution formulas, the candidate with the most votes is the nominee.  This way the one with the most money does not have a major advantage and it should be held at a good middle ground date; not too early so that the people can fully evaluate all the candidates and any serious ethics violations will be nipped in the bud on time, and not so late that anyone runs out of money and has to ax his or her campaign.

Let’s give America a real choice!


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