The Father of Liberalism a Conservative Today

As I continue to bring up ways on how the federal government can balance its budget once and for all, I came across a very interesting article written by Adam Biterly from the Americans for Limited Government’s web site,, citing Don Boudreaux, professor of Economics at George Mason University.

By definition, a liberal is an agent for change, while a conservative is an agent for the status quo.  Let me state that the United States of American is the greatest country in the world in spite of the economic downturn we are experiencing.  In 1776, the tyranny and oppression of George III in Great Britain was the status quo for The Colonies that would become the first thirteen states.   Our founding fathers who desired to declare independence and form a nation of our own with a representative democracy were the liberals of their time.  To ensure Americans would have all the inalienable rights and freedoms bequeathed unto us by God, they wanted a government at the national level, but a very limited one.  British philosopher John Locke went down in history as The Father of Liberalism, but the last thing he wanted was big government.

If Obama and company think they are fulfilling the dream of Mr. Locke, they are seriously mistaken.  Let us look at the Wall Street Occupiers of today.  They are protesting Taxation without Representation, our founding fathers fought against taxation without representation and formed a representative democracy.  They are protesting corruption at both the corporate level and in Washington.  John Locke said Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely, and preached the most limited government possible so that corruption could be minimized.  Our founding fathers established the most intricate system of checks and balances in the history of the world so that no one person or one branch of government would ever claim absolute authority.  What Mr. Locke desired is now the status quo.  If Mr. Locke were alive today, he would be proud to call himself a conservative.

My advice to the Wall Street protestors today is that they take care in what they wish for.  You are protesting the very free country our founding fathers created for you giving you the right to protest.  Do what you feel is right, but check and balance yourself against the status quo, which in spite of all its problems, still beats every alternative in the world.  Thank you, John Locke, oh father of liberalism, for your insight into our conservative agenda and wherever you are, best of luck as a born again conservative!


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