What Part of No Big Government Don’t You Understand?

One of our fellow Republicans, Texas Governor Rick Perry has actually suggested turning the services of Social Security and Medicare over to the states.  Reduction in the size of government does not mean reduce the size of the federal government by shedding its baggage on the states making them larger.  States are in debt too.  We shed the baggage, [possibly] create a surplus, and then go back into debt bailing out the states, back to square one.  And I don’t want to see the states shedding their baggage on the cities and towns either.  No big government means no big government!  I think one big step we can take by reducing the size of government saving it a lot of money toward a balanced budget is Departmental Consolidation.

During World War II, the overseeing of our military was divided into two departments, the Department of War and the Department of the Navy.  Dwight Eisenhower consolidated the two departments into one, which we now know as the Department of Defense.  The same services and operations continue, but with a bureaucracy with half as many government employees.  This can be applied to saving Social Security and Medicare, and I’ll throw Medicaid into the mix for now albeit that one may not be around in the future.  We have three services overseen by three different bureaucracies.  Let’s consolidate the three services into one federal government department, call it the Department of Human Services.  All three (or two out of three) services will continue business as usual, but with a bureaucracy one third the size, again eliminating superfluous government jobs.  Part of the money saved on the two-thirds salaries and benefits can be reinvested into the Social Security Trust Fund enhancing its stability moving into the future, while part goes to pay down the debt.


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